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GOOGLE+ TIPS: Create New Collections & Communities, Pin Posts to Communities

'New Collection' Creation Tip: 

Creating new collections on the 'new' UI is not an obvious / intuitive step. This is how you create them: Click the COLLECTIONS link (LHS on the menu bar) then click YOURS tab (TOP). Then continue as before creating collections with the blank 'tile' just as you would on the classic interface.

Google+ says the new UI is simpler, better and G+ is right - the collections function better and looks better too. And as communities grow the potential to reach and interact with your global, target markets can be massive. Additionally Collections AND Communities are RESHAREABLE. Contrast this with Pinterest's boards which cannot be shared (at the time of writing).

“We’re starting to introduce a fully redesigned Google+ that puts Communities and Collections front and center,” director of streams Eddie Kessler said in a blog post. “Now focused around interests, the new Google+ is much simpler.”

Once you include SERIAL, viral content into your collections and communities the potential for these to become viral in a logical, chain reaction....could be strastospheric (no exaggeration)?? This also has implications for non-viral (less popular but perhaps important) content within such collections because now it will also enjoy a much bigger exposure than normal. So if you're a business you might wish to start strategising how to use these new features to your's not too early to plan to make every post count!

'New Community' Creation Tip: 

Creating new communities on the 'new' UI is similar to creating Collections. Click the COMMUNITIES link (LHS menu bar) then the YOURS tab (TOP). Proceed with the "CREATE A COMMUNITY" tile - you can screen who joins you via the privacy link, edit to your heart's content (TOP RHS), manage members, change the cover image, tagline, and create & organise CATEGORIES. Your community 'folder' is rather versatile and is shareable. To date many communities / groups are growing rapidly. 

"PIN a POST" UPDATE: For your Communities you should be able to PIN any post to the top of the Community stream but that useful process (keep important annoucements, etc. above the fold) is not that obvious. Before you get to the dialogue box as shown below there are a couple of steps to take. View the Video below which I rustled up just for you, to demonstrate these Steps more clearly:

Google+ Announcement: Owners & Moderators can PIN Post to Top of Community Stream

Video Tutorial: How To PIN Your Post
or Any Post to Your Google+ Community Stream

You may notice that the steps are identical whether you are pinning your OWN post or OTHERS' post to your Community. The small difference is that when pinning your own post (on the final dialogue box) the PIN link sits at the TOP whereas it is the 4TH link from the top, when you do not own that post.
Note that your navigation / permissions / options to pin a community post could be different from mine (you can see how different these are if you compare mine with G+'s screenshot!). Yours could be exactly as is specified here: Google+ Help for Community, in which case, follow the latter.
Generally on the Net it is intuitive to reach for the TOP RHS when you wish to edit / access settings for most platforms and indeed on Google+ this area of a POST is where you can edit, delete, disable comments or disable reshares - if you are the owner of that post. (If you are NOT the owner then even when you click the "3 vertical dots" icon you will only have the option to mute the post or report abuse.)
It would appear that to access the PIN TOOL, we must first click the LEFT ARROW of the link of a Community Post which grants the owner / moderator permission to access the PIN POST command via the Drop-Down Menu from the 3-Vertical-Dots Icon (TOP RHS LINK) which is denied to other members of the Community. If you are not the owner or moderator no matter what you click, permission to PIN will be denied - that option simply won't surface at all for non-moderating members.

Screenshots to Illustrate the 3 Stages of Pinning a Post
 STEP 1: Click the LHS Arrow to Activate the TOP RHS LINK
STEP 2: Click the TOP RHS LINK to See the Drop-Down Menu
STEP 3: Click the PIN / UNPIN POST Link to Complete the Action

 As a note of interest, at the time of writing it is NOT possible to pin a post onto a Collection.

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