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How to POST on the NEW GOOGLE+ Tutorial & Discussion

How To POST On NEW GOOGLE+ : Tutorial & Discussion

On 17 November  2015 Google relaunched Google + to focus on Collections and Communities.

 Posting on New Google+

The new changes mean that there are differences in looks and function between the old and new user-interfaces. The new Google+ profile / page before logging in consists of:
  • A larger, squarer header image 
  • A different menu on the LHS, which has
  • A link to COLLECTIONS at the top of the menu just below the HOME link* (an indication of its importance)
  • Immediately below the header you will find a row of 4 Collections* (its prominent location again indicating its importance)
  • A VIEW ALL link (top RHS) above the row of Collections leads to the entire stable of Collections when clicked.
  • Below the Collections are located the old Posts. 
  • After logging in find the COMMUNITIES Link immediately below the Colletions link (another important feature of Google+).
  • The Youtube tab is no longer available (an unfortunate but predictable fate).
  • The "Following" circle has been discarded. You can now post to individual people and businesses instead ie. can fine-tune very specifically who you share with, which is useful (ie. your posts can be as targeted - to the nth degree - as you wish!)

Posting on New Google+

Pros & Cons of the New UI:

  • The new Gogle+ appears simpler and leaner which is good news for mobiles (All roads lead to ROAM!)
  • The Reshare button is leaner. You can reshare to a larger number now especially if you reshare to circles and people - simultaneously and with NO limit in the number of circles AND people.
  • However you cannot reorganise your COLLECTIONS sequence the way you can, say, with your Pinterest pins within a Board. For large collections you may not be able to prioritise your content as well as you wish eg. keep your vip content 'above the fold', so it may require some strategic planning during the initial Collection creation stages?
  • Resharing posts (directly to Google+) is not as intuitive as before.
  • Additionally you have more steps (5) to execute each time you reshare to Google+:
  1. Click on the RESHARE icon (bottom RHS of the post)
  2. Then click on GOOGLE+ (on the 1st dialogue box)
  3. Click the LINK / DIAMOND icon (top RHS, 2nd dialogue box)
  4. Select DESTINATION (1 collection OR 1 community OR any number of 'circles' AND 'people') from the drop-down menu - see video below.
  5. Lastly click POST to post (or if not, cancel and discard).

The Plus 1, Comment & Reshare Links
Posting on New Google+
Where the Plus 1, Comment and Reshare Tools are Located

The Reshare Dialogue Box

Posting on New Google+
The Simpler, Leaner New Look of the Reshare Dialogue Box

To Revert Back To The Classic Google+

Posting on New Google+
Don't Like the Changes? Revert Back to the Classic Google+

#........................... A Special Mention of Collections & Communities ...........................#

'New Collection' Creation Tip: 

Creating new collections on the 'new' UI is not an obvious / intuitive step. This is how you create them: Click the COLLECTIONS link (LHS on the menu bar) then click YOURS tab (TOP). Then continue as before creating collections with the blank 'tile' just as you would on the classic interface.

Google+ says the new UI is simpler, better and G+ is right - the collections function better and looks better too. And as communities grow the potential to reach and interact with your global, target markets can be massive. Additionally Collections AND Communities are RESHAREABLE. Contrast this with Pinterest's boards which cannot be shared (at the time of writing).

“We’re starting to introduce a fully redesigned Google+ that puts Communities and Collections front and center,” director of streams Eddie Kessler said in a blog post. “Now focused around interests, the new Google+ is much simpler.”

Once you include SERIAL, viral content into your collections and communities the potential for these to become viral in a logical, chain reaction....could be strastospheric (no exaggeration)?? This also has implications for non-viral (less popular but perhaps important) content within such collections because now it will also enjoy a much bigger exposure than normal. So if you're a business you might wish to start strategising how to use these new features to your's not too early to plan to make every post count!

'New Community' Creation Tip: 

Creating new communities on the 'new' UI is similar to creating Collections. Click the COMMUNITIES link (LHS menu bar) then the YOURS tab (TOP). Proceed with the "CREATE A COMMUNITY" tile - you can screen who joins you via the privacy link, edit to your heart's content (TOP RHS), manage members, change the cover image, tagline, and create & organise CATEGORIES. Your community 'folder' is rather versatile and is shareable. To date many communities / groups are growing rapidly. 

"PIN a POST" UPDATE: For your Communities you should be able to PIN any post to the top of the Community stream but that useful process (keep important annoucements, etc. above the fold) is not that obvious. Before you get to the dialogue box as shown below there are a couple of steps to take. View the Video (continued NEXT POST) which I rustled up just for you, to demonstrate these Steps more clearly: CONTINUED NEXT POST >

Google+ Announcement: Owners & Moderators can PIN Post to Top of Community Stream


Join SURGE SUMO Community Here To Reach / Engage More

 #......................,,,......................... End ...................................,,,............#

Video Tutorial: How To Post On The New Google+

Posting Tips - Refer to the Video Above:
  1. By default when you POST, the destination of your new post is the stream you last posted to eg. if your last post was to "Breaking News" collection, then ditto for the new post. 
  2. Click the "POST" icon (red circle white pen icon, bottom RHS) to call up a post dialogue box
  3. Then click the destination link (top RHS of dialogue box) or the diamond icon next to it to select your new destination, 
  4. Select your destination/s, then click DONE (top RHS) (only appears for circles and people).
  5. It will take you back to your posting dialogue box, ADD / EDIT your post (optional)
  6. Then click POST to post.
Resharing on Google+ Tips (Recap):
  1. Click on the RESHARE icon (bottom RHS of the post) then
  2. Click on GOOGLE+ (1st dialogue box) (or to Facebook, Twitter - straightforward).
  3. Click on the LINK / DIAMOND icon (top RHS - 2nd dialogue box)
  4. Select DESTINATION (1 Collection OR 1 Community OR any number of Circles AND any number from "PEOPLE" - previously aka "Following" circle) from the drop-down menu.
  5. Lastly, click POST to reshare the content. Or cancel and discard.
  6. Note that posting and resharing are similar, the posting dialogue box is replaced by the social media dialogue box when you reshare content.


Google+ elves were onto something when they launched Collections and Communities. We could be on the cusp of something big.... So WIIFU (variation of WIIFM)? I'll share my 2-cents with you in my coming post, so watch this space. In the meantime warm wishes for the Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas to You and Your Family!

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