Friday, 17 April 2015

Making Mobile-Friendly Websites: Best Practices Video

Making Mobile-Friendly Websites:
See The 10 Best Practices in Action


Monday, 6 April 2015

Google's Mobile-Friendly Ranking Algorithm Update 21 April 2015

Main Points to Note Regarding Google's Mobile-friendly Algorithm Update on April 21, 2015

Google's mobile-friendly algorithm runs on real-time on a page-by-page basis, meaning as owners, you can update your webpages anytime, one page at a time, logically starting with pages or whole sites that have not yet been mobile-optimised. This means that you can correct any errors that prevent you from being mobile-friendly straightaway and as soon as Google registers the change your site will begin to benefit from this new, algorithm change (ie. no lengthy delays to see an improvement in the mobile-friendly ranking of your pages). Click on the link above to find out more...

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