Saturday, 21 March 2015

How to Turn Off AUTOPLAY Button on Your YouTube Channel

If you find that after watching a video, other videos "Recommended for You" by Youtube starts to roll, ie. AUTOPLAY or play automatically, it means that the AUTOPLAY function has been turned on.

If this annoys you because you prefer to select videos yourself for further watching then you can turn it OFF as shown in the video tutorial below.  If however you prefer autoplay then simply ignore this post.

When the autoplay button is ON (located RHS TOP, above the column of recommended videos that Youtube displays next to your player), it is blue in colour with a white tick.  When you turn it OFF it turns grey and has no tick. You do however have the option to CANCEL as the Autoplay loads the video that is "Up Next" from the vertical stack of videos that Youtube recommends to you based on your viewing history.

Just be quick because it will make up your mind for you, load and play within seconds if you are still dithering about "what next" to watch! This may be a good thing for indecisive people!

Here's a LIFE HACK we can take from this: if you are not definite about what you want in life, if you have a fuzzy vision or worse, no vision at all for your business or personal life, someone else will come along and make all the decisions for you, whether you like these or not. Better to make bad decisions than no decisions at all! Better to write a poor script than to have it written for you. If you read the biographies of wildly successful entrepreneurs, you'll find a common theme running through, that even when they were pinned between a rock and a hard place they never lost sight of their direction in Life. In fact they had acute 20/20 vision when it came to the prize they had set their heart on.

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