Friday, 13 March 2015

104 Blogging Tips: How To Create Sharp Blog Content

Here is a Great Resource on How to Hone Your Blogging Skills:
103 Ways to Create Sharp Blog Content 

Packed with content this resource is not a series of big, bullet-point slides to skim through quickly, rather it is a robust blog-stew aimed at feeding serious, blog-information seekers rather than social media butterflies who might wish to nibble at the edges for content curation purposes. 

So take your time to enjoy and absorb (and later to expand on, in order to leverage off) these tips from 17 professional bloggers who shared their secrets about writing sharp blog content with the author (a copy writer & marketing consultant by profession).

103 Ways to Create Sharp Blog Content from Sara Lancaster

TIP:  Your blog is central and home to everything else you put out online, the address where you 'live', the sun around which all else must orbit. And all roads (social or otherwise) lead back to home.


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