Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Youtube Creator Studio and Google Fun Secrets

It is said that by the 15th of January 95% of people would have failed (to keep their New Year resolutions). Are you one of them? One way to avoid this is to inject more fun goals into your list and then create a video on how you failed at that (...joking).

This gif shows what happens when you 'tell' Google to "do a barrel roll"

Let's start with Google Fun Secrets because that's a great way to start the working, I mean, playing day.

You had your fun so now it's back to the 'grind'.  About Youtube (btw what a great acquisition!):

Youtube has changed so much. Check out these quick tips so you can navigate fluently and optimise your use of Youtube's resources. Youtube has made it so easy to monetise your and other people's content or at least create videos - all you have to do is click a few buttons. Really.

By the way, if you haven't yet claimed your desired URL on Youtube you are too late because now your channel needs to have 500 subscribers before you can do so. If you have been toying with the Youtube platform and whatever is on offer to you, especially when it's served to you on a platter, do not procrastinate because sooner or later, hurdles or bars appear and they get higher with time, when the free lunch inevitably ends as history has shown.

Why Youtube?

Check out how much time you and your peers, and grandma spend on Youtube. And note time and time again how many stars were born on or trained by Youtube? Countless!

Everyday people who before the advent of Youtube would have remained in oblivion or discovered much more slowly, sometimes for 'niche skills' or in 'niche fields' that are in hot demand have gathered massive fan bases and are stars online and also locally once their channel is discovered.

So where will your focus be this year?

Is that in your New Year resolutions?

The good news is, you still have 10+ more months to achieve them!

Although you cannot measure the 'fun factor' quantitatively it's known to impact productivity. I'm sure this can be measured in some way using nuero-science research developments eg. research to show the part of the brain that 'lights up' when a person is in love (which happens to be the same part as when opiates are used! - no wonder a person is on such a high 'high' when they "fall in love'.)

Overwhelmed by the deluge of video must-see this year (when folks returned from their holidays and resumed "content marketing" in earnest)? Or simply need to view more? Try this speed-viewing tip, it works especially for very long videos. You can speed-view parts or all of the video by clicking on SETTINGS and selecting the SPEED which ranges from 2x to 0.25 (slowest) of the normal speed.

More and more content comes ONLY in video format so get through viewing them faster (race through the non-important bits) and get more done during your day at the office, whether it's at home or at your boss' play station! This deluge of 'quality content' is not going to dry up anytime soon. On the contrary...

Tip: How to accelerate video-viewing without compromising the quality and completeness of the content? 

Current settings allow you to increase speed by 1.25x, 1.5x or 2x (or slow down to 0.25x).
It's easy enough to speed past slow events or laborious intros or big silent lapses (no or little, unimportant info) but what if the speaker is actually imparting useful information that you wish to view and hear?
  • Speed up your video to 2x then decrease speed to 1.5x - you will find that your hearing has accomodated and that the 1.5x speed now seems quite 'normal'. You can always slow down (or rewind and replay) the parts of the video that are vital to you if 1.5x was too fast.
  • Here is yet another way to view at faster than normal speed without losing sense of the content. Turn on the caption (if there is one) and turn up the video speed to 2x. Now read the captions (which are usually short) while listening to the speaker. You will find that this combined visual-audio method allows you view the video at twice the speed without losing the meaning of the content. You are actually reading and grasping the message faster than you hear it - (not surprising since light waves travel faster than sound and you are also mentally processing it faster this way) - in fact you are viewing and comprehending the video faster than twice the speed because you finish reading the message BEFORE you hear the completion of the spoken message!
Check it out for yourself.  I would be interested to know if you have any success with these tips? Once you've adjusted your viewing speed you could find the 'normal' speed too slow!
Captions: Which brings to mind this question, should you include captions or not?  It would make your video more user-friendly to those who have hearing trouble or to those who don't speak your language. Heck it's even useful for your home-grown audience.
What viewers fail to hear they can comprehend if they can also read your messages via captions (extra insurance to reduce bounce rate?). Failure to hear or understand what you say in your video could be due to many factors on your part and not just those of your listeners eg. your 'accent'/drawl, your speech patterns (speaking too fast, mumbling, poor pronunciation, etc.), your voice-pitch, etc, quality of your production - your equipment including recording device, etc., even if your audience speaks the same language as you.

Useful Information:

How to optimise your Youtube videos (especially the metadata) for better search results.

How to optimise your videos for mobiles.

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