Tuesday, 10 June 2014

TIPS on Posting TO & FROM Tumblr


Posting to Tumblr from Yahoo

Posting from Yahoo to Tumblr is a breeze. Open accounts on both if you don't have any. As you may have heard, Tumblr was purchased by Yahoo in May of 2013 hence the sharing bias for T?
  • #1 - Click on the TUMBLR ICON (navy, lower-case T) on the Top LHS of the article and proceed (this is the best method - it's the fastest and easiest):
When you post an article with video from Yahoo this way, it will give you a Thumbnail of that Video on Tumblr without any extra work. 
When you share this Tumblr post on Google+:  your post will appear on your Google+ PROFILE (not Page even if you have chosen to post from a certain Page) - in similar format, ie. big thumbnail + title (with links to your Tumblr post), truncated news and tags (mouseover to view tag-link).

  • #2 - If you use the LINK ICON on Yahoo (lowest icon on the LHS of the article) OR the LINK OPTION on Tumblr, you will get a title (with external link), first 4 or 5 lines, but NO images or thumbnail even if these are present in the original article itself.
When you share this on Google+ you get a Title and your Tumblr Avatar linked to your TUMBLR POST. Similarly there's NO pic or thumbnail. This looks stark compared to the results using #1 option.

TIPS: For an attractive Tumblr Post AND Google+ Reshare, with images and direct linking to the original article, use the #1 option. Use #2 option if you don't care or if the article lacks images.

Note: With any method discussed ALL links on your Google+ Reshares, point back to your Tumblr Post and not to the original article. All Google+ reshares also appear on your Profile's feed only.

Posting to Tumblr from Any Site

Here is a 3rd method - how to post from ANY site (not just Yahoo) so that the Article's IMAGE also appears on your Tumblr Post (method #2 - linking to url option ONLY won't do it) without downloading the image and uploading from your PC/ device (also better for copyright reasons):

Note that none of these methods require you to have a Yahoo account, you do however require a Tumblr account to post.

  • #3 -  Copy the IMAGE URL from the Yahoo / other article, go to Tumblr then:
Open a new, blog-post window using the LINK ICON on Tumblr,
Open the CAMERA ICON (on the formatting bar just above the body of the blog), which says 'Insert/Edit Image' - and paste the image URL.
Paste the ARTICLE URL at the top where it says 'url', click POST.
(Paste the TITLE where it says 'title' - although this will auto-populate after you click POST, so this step is optional / unneccesary.)
The Image, Title and the first 3/4 lines of the Article will appear.
When you share this Tumblr post on Google+: it will appear in 'full' as for option #1, with image, short lines and links to your Tumblr post.

Why bother with these methods? If a visually attractive post on social media is important to you and your business, to draw more viewers to what you have to say or share, then tiny differences like this will build up over time and make a difference to your general viewership and content popularity.

Remember: 'things' are going social (and very visual), including search ranking results. Posts and ripples may impact impressions of authority, social influence, etc. and exert more influence on organic search results than assumed.

OVERALL TIP: Not all posting options are equal on Tumblr - you have several so select the one that best suits your NEEDS and drives the best RESULTS for your Social Media Investment!

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