Monday, 9 June 2014

Google vs. Facebook: Who Is Winning The Tech Cold War: INFOGRAPHIC 2009 - 2014

Beginning of Rant (aka Commentary):

Wonder what Google and Facebook have acquired from 2009 - 2014?

View the Summarised Graph below or follow the above link to view the full Infographics.


These acquisitions are obviously strategic regarding the race to gain (commercial) dominance over Internet market share (ie. you and me). Of course it's about selling more ads ... that's what all the social platforms are doing or will do, once they start to monetise their communities. We understand the need to monetise for survival reasons and most people would not have objections provided that membership continues to remain free.

The good thing about establishing a monetising system means that businesses will then have the means to tap some of the traffic on that social platform. The bad news is you, the user, will be subjected to more ads, but provided this is executed as unobtrusively as possible* and if businesses were clever enough to change the strategy** about their ads, it should not affect the community-membership. YouTube seems to be able to strike a good balance when serving ads to viewers by
  • serving less obtrusive ads than some other sites via their *Overlay In-video Ads (the small ad at the bottom of the player that fades to a hint) 
  • or by giving the user control over what they see eg. **TrueView In-stream Ads where you can click away after 5 seconds if you wish. (Here is where smart players can tap what Youtube already does so well. Tip: It's about moving away from the 'dodo format' of yesteryear if you wish to decrease the bounce rate.)

And because many of these sites are gathering so much data about the user you can be sure that the ads served will be very specific and tailored to you, your tastes and habits, etc. (that's the scary thing - that these social sites will know more about you than you yourself or your own Mother!).

I predict that there will come a time in the future when you will not mind these ads so much (because they will be preempting your thoughts and actions) which will become very pervasive by then. Your life will be an open book -  swathed 24/7 in The All-seeing Electronic Cloud from which there is ... NO escape!

Not only is Ares (Mars) watching us mere mortals, so is Zeus, Poseidon and all of Olympus.

(End of Rant).

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