Thursday, 3 April 2014

Facebook advertising: Trends forecasted - What you should know!

If you use Facebook without paying for the marketing of your business interests you might want to take note of this piece of information and rethink your strategies.

As is often the case, a piece of news can be good or bad - it depends on your perspective. If you recall, the Chinese character for "CRISIS" is also the same as for "OPPORTUNITY" (J.F. Kennedy).

Take a closer look at the ideas suggested below which show how you can rework this trend of "declining organic reach" to your ADVANTAGE?  Perhaps you might not persevere with this option and decide to refocus your effort on other social platforms instead. One thing is definite, if you intend to continue successfully on Facebook you will need to adjust the strategy you are using now regarding marketing to your Facebook fans or concede to those who are better at responding to these changes.

Alternatively you could dip into your wallet and "pay-to-play". There are definite advantages to be gained when you pay for your ads, eg. you eliminate that hope-and-pray element from your marketing campaigns which can then be very tailored (and measured) to the segment/s you are targeting. This will in turn allow you to make swift and optimal responses to garner the results you desire, faster and more accurately.

Renaissance of the Humble Blog - A Rising Trend:

Ultimately it looks like one's success will boil down to having ... AWESOME CONTENT* ... more precisely, BLOG CONTENT* ... yet again! There simply seems to be no way of getting out of this (for those who have not yet embraced content marketing wholeheartedly). Why? Because "personal profiles aren't limited to organic reach". It is (blog) content that will "drive real engagement". Have you noticed? People happily share content with their Facebook friends when it is outstandingly good and/ or highly entertaining.

On a tactical note, what kind of campaign then? To find out follow the discussion-link below:>

*Here are Some Tips on How To Rock at Blogging

How to rock blogging: The beginner's guide from Kelvin (KC) Claveria

 Note: There are many blogs that are not found, and worse still ... not read when found.
The above blogging info will help you to begin blogging and reach your audience better.

And there you have it. In a nutshell, the broad strategy is to do what it takes to drive traffic from Facebook to your blog; from your blog your awesome content creates far-reaching ripples which in turn drives more traffic from Facebook back to your blog. You rinse and repeat this two-gear action** (using ads and creating an awesome blog) until you have a seamless, ever-expanding reach due to the multiplier effect of awesome content, engaged fans and influencers. The tactical campaigns will depend on your niche, target market, budget, etc. It pays to test the water thoroughly first before you spend big. Note the key role that your blog plays in this strategy. It's also where your important Call-To-Action links reside!

 Blogging & Passive Income Resources To Check Out:

Misson IMpossible

Easter Egg 2014 Postnote: For Whom the Bell Rings

From the Assignment Files of IM Agent Maxwell (aka Agent 0070)


**Secret Mission IMpossible Briefing: 

"As a canny and determined IM possible Agent, you know that NO Mission's Impossible. And so you are charged with the mission of priming this 2-Gear Engine until it morphs into the Foxy Ferrari of your 8-Gear Dreams. You will know when you have finally arrived (ie. mission accomplished, code name: "The Sound of Music") when you hear those dulcet tones, normally associated with the Christmas holiday season, 'peal' merrily on high ....... ALL Year Round!" (Good luck Agent 0070!).

Clue: Snoop on the above Video till the very end to Crack the Code ...

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