Thursday, 6 March 2014

Get a Slice of PIE: Social PINBOARD TOOL For Businesses

Social Pinboard Tool for Business:

Find Pinterest too distracting but you need a similar platform for your business? Then check out this alternative resource if you're looking for a Social Pinboard App / Tool for Your Business. It's FREE and easy to join.

In a nutshell "is a private place to collect, share and organise knowledge."

Some Facts and Advantages of Using "PIE":

  • You can cut through your email clutter and retrieve only the most relevant stuff, and
  • Find, collect, organise & share gems from the web, even when you're on the move,
  • As do 'coworkers who collaborate and share, when and how it best suits them'.
  • You select the level of confidentiality you see fit when you share with different groups,
  • And customise at macro & micro levels how information is shared with users & clients.
  • Pie 'empowers coworkers to build up a company - relevant library' fast and easily. 
  • Pie was designed specifically to function as a BUSINESS SOCIAL PINBOARD. 
  • Your team can focus on work priorities instead of being distracted by personal stuff.

As you can see social pinboards are not just for the ladies only and they're not looking transient.
Social pinboards are part and parcel of the stable or breed that is the Social Media phenomenon!
You can jump onboard now or catch the next 'new' social wave ............ in ??? years' time???

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