Monday, 23 December 2013

Why Sales is Going INBOUND and How You Can Keep Up (Hubspot)

Why Sales Is Going Inbound (And How You Can Keep Up)
from HubSpot All-in-one Marketing Software

One blog post for the road before Christmas Day!

Note that posting your content on Slideshare is a smart, strategic move:
  • Because you get Effortless and Free Backlinking,
  • Easy Content Re-distribution & Brand Dissemination,
  • Lead generation with your Optin Form at the end of the show and it
  • Facilitates 'budding evangelists' to share and promote your Message. 
  • It hones your own Focus & Content Production so you can
  • Deliver short, sharp Messages with big Meanings and it
  • Packs more Punch when you use contextually Relevant Images/ Inserts
  • Especially if they're Quality and Attractive (photos, graphs, quotes, etc.)


This is a powerful illustration (courtesy of Hubspot)! Click the pic to see an enlarged version.

("Don't let this cute face fool you. He's giving you 1 star on Yelp")!   

Isn't that so true in real life? Your friendliest encounter can sometimes 
turn out to be your harshest critic and for seemingly minor reasons...and
yet you've got to win these ones over too - because it's a - Buyer's World!

It's true that many businesses don't get it, not even some of the BIG ones...
they haven't cottoned on to the fact that the balance of power has shifted... the Customer. Now he has a chance to be heard...virally!

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