Monday, 16 December 2013

TIP: Why Your Customers Can't See Your Ads and What to Do About This

This is a short post (for Firefox users):

Woke up one morning and wondered what happened to the ads on your site?
Your own marketing ads?

They've all disappeared? Check your browser.
Chances are your browser automatically updated and disabled all ads.

QUICK TIP For Firefox Users: 
  2. And disable the Ads Removal extension/app
  3. You will probably find a similar situation with other browsers.
  4. The chances are that your visitors also might not see the ads on your site - you can address this problem by ensuring that you have sufficient text links to your products for every post you make on your blog.
  5. Don't rely solely on image ads to do the job - use as many different media types as possible to eliminate the risk of your ads being blocked by ad blockers. 
  6. BUYERS: It's that time of the year when traffic and sales are hottest, so help your visitors find your product links because many of them are looking to buy. You don't need too much hard sell.
  7. If you are selling your photos, note that holiday theme pics are ever so popular now, for video creation, greeting cards, etc.

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