Saturday, 9 November 2013

The New Landscape of Content Marketing (Slideshow)

Best To View in FULLSCREEN Mode > Click 'SQUARE' Icon (bottom RHS of the Slide):
The New Landscape of Content Marketing from Leo Burnett Worldwide

One of the Benefits of Content Marketing is listed as "Long life, Low cost".
How very true!

This is a great set of slides - clear, uncluttered, concise, short.**
Everything is clear and concise, including the diagrams.
(See below for more tips on creating fantastic slides like those of Steve Jobs)

Note that most of the 'Fishes' are congregating on Google, Youtube and Facebook.
In that order, according to slide # 4.

Advice for brands: "Fish where the Fishes are"
"Happy Fishing" from Us!

**Refresh your memory re Guy Kawasaki's points about creating slide shows

Also Watch the Kind of Slides that Steve Jobs Prepared
(And How to Present Like Him)

Your THEME...

It helps if you have "DRAMATIC FLAIR" ....!!

Make numbers MEANINGFUL...

Connect THE DOTS...


Short on bullet-points, BIG on VISUALS...

1 or 2 - LESS IS MORE...

Give a SHOW...

And much more, find out

How Steve Jobs does it so Brilliantly!

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