Wednesday, 6 November 2013

10 Ways Tumblr Can Improve Your SEO

Tumblr is a cool social platform and continues to improve with some nice touches which their fans love and appreciate.  (You may be interested in this Tumblr Article.that I penned earlier.)

Their main attraction is the general simplicity of their user-interface (for posting many different types of media content, ease of linking, freedom to customise many features), which acts both like a social platform as well as a blogging station with the benefits of both such as ease of sharing (internally and with other social sites), as well as being able to post a wide variety of content that is more than micro-entries.

The Tumblr article above from SMT (follow the link) is really good and I will not be rehashing it. This post with the link to their article is mainly to benefit those who follow my blog (plus a brief summary of Tumblr from me).

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