Thursday, 17 October 2013

Internet Users: The Changing Face of the Internet's Demographics

The Shifting Sands of Time: From 66% of Users in the USA, in 1996 to just 13% in 2012, the majority of Internet Users are now from Asia-Pacific (42%) and Europe (27%). The pie-charts below show it all. For the full article see below:

On another note, if you are hesitant to embed content from other websites or blogs because of copyright concerns you can always do this:
  • post the 'share or embed' link from the article to your Google+ profile or page FIRST
  • and then EMBED that post into your webpages (as above) - to get a link, snippet and a thumbnail of the article. This is a superfast and wholly legitimate way to embed content from sites that only allow you to share the link (to your social accounts) but not embed their content.  
  • do the same for any videos published by them relating to that article to get a prominent thumbnail and video on your site.

Social Media in Space: On yet another note, where will NASA be, without social media? Check this out:

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