Monday, 16 September 2013

Google Plus EMBED Feature Has Benefits

Since 9 September 2013, Google + allows you to embed public Google+ posts from Google+ to your website or blogs. At this point in time you cannot customise the embedded post - they are quite large (see below "tests 1 & 2" on the blog template as well as within this post) and will be larger depending on how much annotation you have. By default it has a white background, so if you have a dark background your embedded post will contrast with your site. However with time perhaps you might have the option to match or blend your 'embeds' with your template (like Adsense widgets?).

Advantages Of Being Able To Embed Google+ Posts:

You can ramp up your content creation very easily using the content-rich Google-plus feeds to your advantage, by curating from G+ and embedding public G+ posts into your webs or blogs, and as a result increase traffic and exposure to them. You can embed your own posts or other people's posts, if you like their content.

This is more eye-catching than just linking to the G+ post on your blog and is completely interactive - people can comment, +1 and follow you inline.  Moreover the embedded post will auto-update in real-time whenever your G+ post changes.

Find a variety of curated posts (text, images, video) below - multimedia posts are all supported and you can embed as many as you like on a single page:

ZOMBIES! Living Forever on the Net!

 Google+ Video Post Embeds Well:
You Can Play The Video On Site, Without Navigating Away

How to Start Your Day - Have a Cheeky Cuppa!

Terms of use: Note, when you embed a Google Plus post you have to observe Google's terms and conditions. When you embed Google+ content on a website, you also give Google permission to review and analyze your website.

Google also integrated Google+ Sign-In with Google’s Authorship program. When you link your Wordpress site with Google your blog post will automatically be associated with your Google+ profile.

So if your content surfaces during a Search query, News or other Google product, your name, photo and Google+ profile will also surface alongside your articles (at a relevant and timely point - how cool is that?).

TIP TO LEVERAGE GOOGLE+: When you post your content (eg. YT video) on Google+ FIRST and THEN EMBED that content into your webs you have the added advantage of including all the interactive elements (comment, share, +1, follow) attached to your Google+ post as well, to help you gain more engagement, followers and spread your ripples without ever having to navigate away from your webs!  Similarly, you can also conveniently EDIT your post in the same manner, right from your embedded location without having to navigate away.

Tutorial on How to Embed & Edit Google+ Post

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For more information:
From Google's Seth Sternberg: Author attribution and embedding posts

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