Tuesday, 13 August 2013

How to Add Sections and MORE CONTENT to Your YouTube Home Page:

I released this video in April and found it was quite useful for many people on Youtube so here it is as well so more people can find it too. 

Note: this is one way that you can recycle your content. When you have invested time and effort into producing content make sure you maximise your return on ALL your content (past and present) by posting it ... everywhere! Go through all your past content and check to see if you have utilised and maximised their exposure. It's your (original and unique) content and that's what search engines love.  So go ahead, claim authorship and get credit for your original and unique content. Don't let it go to seed!

Even if it does not become viral your video content has a better stab at longevity than posts you make on other social media feeds. On the whole many videos on Youtube seem to have a longer shelf life.  So recycle and post away!  Personally I find that posting videos on Youtube is good value for your time and effort because they enjoy a longer shelf life and wider distribution than other social alternatives. It gives a better ROI of your time and effort.  Note that your ROI will depend on what your criteria is - success can be eg. the number of views/ hits, opt-ins, leads, pre-sales, enquiries, etc. and not necessarily outright 'sales' per se.

How to Add more Sections and Content to Your Youtube Home Page

The "ADD SECTION" on your Home Page is a very versatile feature of the 'New' Youtube One Channel's latest format.

You can now add all kinds of content to your Home Page based on many criteria - from 'likes', 'most popular, 'recent posts', 'recent archives', tags (you could create any kind of tags - the sky's the limit).

Creating a Section is similar to creating previous playlists except now you have much more choice as to how you are going to organise your (video) content for each section.  You can create a section: 
  • consisting of one or several playlists, or
  • consisting of one only or more videos (select your videos via their url) or
  • a collection of videos, based on their common tags, etc. or
  • if you are savvy in organising your tags you can 'section' a particular video many times over based on different tags, thereby gaining more exposure for that video or playlist. Try it and test!
  • or create a Section then give it a great (your desired keyword) TITLE.
Tags are useful to quickly identify categories of videos so tag away for easy access and to be found. When people find one video all the ones tagged identically will also be found if you SECTION these videos together under 'One Roof'.

Good for SEO?

Probably - the TAG description appears at the TOP of the playlist as your Section's TITLE!
Search engines can hardly miss this keyword beacon. Youtube as you know is a search engine and the third largest search engine to date...and getting bigger!

So go ahead and spend some time planning your new sections and the kind of keywords you would like to use for them.  Here's to more easy, free traffic!

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