Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Remove Delta Search Redirect (Delta Toolbar & Search Engine) from Your PC

Remove Delta, Hijacking Search or Tool Bar or Other Unwelcome App 'Guests' from Your PC:

Is your search hijacked by pesky 'Delta search or Delta toolbar, aka Yontoo or Babylon search or Whitesmoke? or Delta Visual Toolbar for Chrome?

You didn't download this, it most probably sneaked in during "updates" and add-ons to your browser or comes bundled with 'free'ware unannounced, even from reputable, tech sites such as cnet. You have to be observant and untick or by default you could end up downloading unwanted components such as annoying disk-drive scanning apps (because these malware appear at every boot-up), etc. along with your antivirus and other software.

You can try to disable via your Firefox browser first by going into Tools / Addons or you can go into Firefox's hidden settings if this is not possible, using the "about:config" command:

  • Undo Delta via "about.config" in Firefox.  This is Firefox's hidden settings: Type "about.config" into the URL window of your navigation toolbar.  When you type this into your Firefox browser this is what you will see:

Be careful when you do this as you can wreak havoc if you don't know what you are doing. But if you need to get in there to tweak settings as required by Tech Support, you know how to get to it.

  • Most likely the Delta hijacker search tool has hidden away in your registry so you need to go into Control Panel to clean it out.  Go to Control Panel via your 'Start' button, then 'Programs and Features' where you can change, repair or uninstall - choose the latter. See the diagram below:

Yes, I had that pesky Babylon Search Tool hiding in my pc! Your system will announce within seconds when it has finished uninstalling. Reboot when you finish so your antivirus, etc. gets updated. 

Save all your bookmarks and history settings before you start adjusting, resetting or restoring default browser settings.

Use a Trusted Source to check that there are no malicious software hidden in your computer!

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