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Summary: Speed writing - How to write fast when you create content.

Is content creation taking up too much time?

Here are some tips on how you can write content fast.

The Process:

First of all time yourself.
Then outline the structure of your article:

  1. Title - eg. 'Tips about how to write"
  2. Description summary
  3. Introduction
  4. Body - eg. the actual tips  
      • - what to write
      • - how to write it
      • - when to edit
      • - your experience
      •           - important points to discuss
  5. Conclusion 

Write furiously - do not edit or ponder; just write what comes into your head about the subject you have chosen.

Allocate a time-frame, that is, assign a block of time, say 30 minutes, to complete this project.

Break this down into smaller units, eg., X-minute blocks for each section of writing. For example, if you have 3 sections to write about, allocate 8 minutes to each block.

Use the last 6 minutes to edit and polish your article.

Do this consistently and you will find you can produce content on the fly that is good enough to publish.

Remember it is not a fancy, 9-page report you are aiming for but content for your readers and social media followers - information that your fans have come to expect from you regularly.

It does not need to be a large chunk of information either - just good useful points or insights that your niche readers would find interesting.

After writing it you don't have to publish straightaway.  If you can delay for a couple of hours or the next day, you will find more clarity in your thinking or reasoning, and/or more insights to add to your article.

To complete your article add some attractive images.  Make these relevant to your discussion.  I struggle to see the connection between articles and their images sometimes but then again I find great articles with bulls-eye illustrations - more kudos to their publishers.  It's better to exclude an image if it makes no sense at all than to include it just because it's there or because you can!  Some people use 'abstract' art, but not so abstract that we have to do all the imagining. That leads to mental fatigue!! Consumers want everything these days, especially eye-candy ... just make it highly relevant!  Then watch your cheer-leaders run off to pin and spread your stuff - without any prompting from you.

 Practice Makes Perfect:

Feel free to voice your own opinion.  Don't be constrained by feeling the need to be politically right. Speaking your mind makes your blog unique and writing allows you to develop and establish your unique voice, which will in turn help you to establish yourself as an authority.  So go ahead and write, for your blog and other blogs  - the more you write, the faster you develop your style - and now you can also write fast!

And there's a bonus for your writing - recognition for your authorship by Google which is bound to confer many extra advantages to you and your site.

"Google is piloting the display of author information in search results to help users discover great content.,,"

Note that you don't have to write a treatise.  Take a cue from some guest bloggers who post only medium to small articles.  Some posts are no more than a few lines. You don't need to look for huge events to write about, instead discuss ordinary events that are relevant if they have inspired or made an impact on you or on your industry.  Refrain from rehashing other people's content or paraphrasing verbatim as that does little for your readers because you offer nothing new, more or different.

You can however add value to an article if you make your own observations, share some incisive insights and generally put your own spin on it with your unique voice and opinions, to own the day.

Home On the Range:

You may wonder that with the rise and rise of video the written word is dead or dying but that is not the case as not everyone has access to video or want to watch video especially in places where broadband is not widely available.

And even where broadband accessibility is not an issue, there are those who prefer the written word not to mention that written articles on a blog or website give your brand a greater stab at longevity than snippets of mayfly-content* released on a social newsfeed.

Last but not least, writing for your blog gives your authorship a permanent home ... where customers graze and search engines roam. Writing faster so you can write more enables you to arrive home sooner.

No need to wait for posthumous recognition for your authorship because Google wants to give it to you ... now!

Happy July 4th Guys! And thanks for visiting.

"Fireworks Culminate July 4th Celebration in DC" 


Footnote: * - short-lived content

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