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Pinterest's Pristine NEW LOOK!

Here is a sample of the Pinterest OLD LOOK:

how to switch to the new look - image showing the old look before switching

 When you log in you will notice
  • Less bio line (pink arrow)
  • Hidden website URL (blue circle)
  • Pin numbers showing on top of each board (red circle)
  • tabs at the top of the boards (green arrow)
  • thumbnail of a board and mini thumbnails sit below the board's title (yellow arrow)
  • compare these features with those on a New Look Page.

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With the 'New Look':
  • boards have a cleaner, smarter, less cluttered look
  • in the BIO area, the website URL is now larger and visible
  • Board thumbnail sits on white background
  • title of each board sits on top, on LHS, in smaller font-size
  • group icon sits on top, on RHS (if it is a group board)
  • tabs are confined to the LHS and RHS above the boards for a cleaner look
  • categories tab - sits above your bio on the top LHS

Here is what the NEW Pin looks like:


pinterest NEW Pin - comes with some new benefits - find out what these are here!!
A pin's new, bigger look.

The pins are bigger, more attractively displayed and detailed and the navigation is more convenient. When you upload your pin, remember to enter your url. This will now prominently display as a 'website' button above the pin (yellow arrow) which will encourage people to click on it for more information.

If you pin from a website you don't even need to enter an url because this is captured automatically within the 'website' button!! Isn't that so cool? Watch my video as I demo this!

You can easily access the rest of the pins from the same board without navigating away from your pin as they are located on the RHS (cf. black circle).

Other pins pinned!! (pinterest new look)

Now look below to see the "other pins" that were also pinned (black circle, green arrow), so now you know about the other interests of your target market.

Business Analytics:

Now you can track your statistics but only if you have a BUSINESS Account. And analytics are only available if you confirm your website URL and you convert to the new look. So how do you convert
  • to the NEW LOOK? 
  • to a Business account?
Here are the steps for switching to the new look: Login, click your icon, then click the switch link (last one in the drop-down box). Warning: this is a permanent change ('Ready to switch for good?')!

Switching from a personal to a business account (watch the video below):
  • Login via 
  • click the CONVERT button (top RHS)
  • follow the steps - fill in your contact name, email, bio (do not exceed the specified character count limit or a red highlight will appear - adjust - until all the boxes look white)
  • remember to agree with their contract (TOS - terms of service)
  • verify your website URL - via a variety of options eg. file upload or meta-tag.
  • addons for sharing, etc. - select and follow the process, according to your needs. 

Note: the analytics are based on information regarding your website - pins coming from there, traffic to your website from the pins on Pinterest, etc. To view click on your icon and the analytics link.

image source -

pinterest analytics - what it looks like
ANALYTICS - courtesy of

For more information on analytics go here.

Pros & Cons, Gains & Losses:

Analytics provides valuable insights on your site's traffic. It is an indispensable tool especially if you are running a business. One of the most valuable benefits of the new look (for business accounts) is this feature without which one is operating blind on this platform. Now with informative insights you can tweak intelligently to maximise your traffic, customers and sales...for free!

One feature that was lost with the 'New Look' design was the ability to automate your post easily to send out to multiple social media platforms (Pinterest, FB and Twitter) with just one click. However if you have to lose that function in order to have analytics it would probably be more beneficial this way for businesses. Having said that I hope Pinterest will reinstate that useful automation feature for the sake of the many pinners who lead busy lives but remain active pinning and sharing beautiful and/ or useful pins with many people all over the world.

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