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2 Essential Elements For Youtube CHANNEL Success


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2 essemtal elements for Youtube Channel SUCCESSAre you taking or recording your video clips yourself? Are they a little shaky, a little blur? Poor audio quality? Your editing can hardly be described as 'professional'? Using free video software with all its limitations instead of more sophisticated, professional software? Etc., ... ?

Do not fret, if you have the essential ingredients for success all these will be tolerated and more by your fans, and will not affect your channel's success.**  Watch the video to find out the 2 essential elements for Youtube success.

Many channels are very successful despite the amateurish nature of some (or even all) of the videos that the owners have taken and uploaded - they have a high number of subscriptions, fans, conversation and engagement, that is, a high level of interaction between their fans and themselves as well as among their followers. In other words they have a flourishing community ... and it appears that video quality and even content per se is not the main determinant of a channel's popularity.

Sometimes when productions are too sleek they can smack of being too commercialised and be less convincing than the authenticity of raw, home-grown videos complete with their amateurish blips and hiccups ... it's probably the reason why we all like to view the 'blooper' video cuts of a successful movie/ video production. We like to see the human side behind the scenes.

This is not surprising as we are well into the era where people are used to and expect reality TV and reality journalism (blogging, photo-sharing, video-blogging (vlogging), etc. ... what with the likes of Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube and advances in broadband technology that has made delivery much easier, this trend shows no sign of abating; on the contrary this is just the beginning of a trend that has already entrenched itself 'into the West' (future)!

Expect more home-grown stuff to be the norm. Some smart businesses are so savvy they have tapped into this trend by snapping up successful, home-grown 'gurus' videoing from their bedrooms or kitchens and turned them into ambassadors to promote their own brands and to leverage that home-guru's success (traffic and fans) for their own advantage. There are many channel success stories of 'ordinary' people who have 'made it' this way, in the cosmetics and skin-care and music industry.

2 Essential Elements of Youtube CHANNEL Success!

"Everyone is a Winner on Youtube When We Collaborate as a Community" - SYP TV

Modify Your TV Strategy When Video Marketing on Youtube

What worked on TV will not guarantee your success on Youtube. In other words there is more to success than technical proficiency, an audience-centric focus, and 'quality' content. Quality content per se is not sufficient - there are tons of excellent content, in fact people are swamped with too much content. For channel success focus instead on developing content that resonates with and fosters a strong community-sense by facilitating connection and interaction among your members as well as with yourself, ie., be community-centric.

Channel success is more than the sum of the strategy behind each individual, video campaign. There is careful consideration behind the scenes at every step of the way to ensure consistency and brand coherence. Channel success ultimately leads to sales success (whether it's lead generation, direct sales of service and products, optins, etc.).

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**Postnote & Update: 

While this is true so far and has served well in the past, it would be amiss not to mention that going forward it is advisable to lift your game ie. create high quality videos, for long term success. The latest public news is that Youtube (which turned 8 on the 23-4-2013) is investing heavily in the quality of its content. The ability to survive and compete successfully for any online business is to be able to evolve to meet the needs and demands of the times.

As we have observed the site continues to evolve and improve with regard to function and navigation, user-friendliness, openness to feedback, etc. You have the ability to improve video quality as you upload eg. stabilise your video is if it is shaky, crop your video if it has too much 'dead-space' around it, brighten your video if it is too dark (under-exposed), brand your videos, promote your other videos, entice new prospects to subscribe and now, promote your channel with your very own advertising billboard, banner-space (cf. the 'new look' YT - similar to the header space on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+), etc.. With the old format most users were restricted to text only on the RHS of their homepages.

You also have the option to create videos on the fly - fast and easily - without uploading onto Youtube, using images that you have already uploaded onto other platforms eg. Blogger, with a large repertoire of audio backgrounds to select from for your video backing.

There is an extensive Help section to tap and improve your creativity and free animation programmes to test-drive and create your own animations with.

To date Youtube has been phenomenal - users worldwide upload 72 hours of video every minute and 4 billion hours of video are watched each month (or 456,318 years!). "Me at the Zoo" was the first video uploaded onto Youtube in 2005 by co-founder Jawed Karim and is 20 seconds of sheer Internet history!

If longevity is your goal it would be advisable to start or continue creating high quality videos for your channels ... as your audience becomes more and more sophisticated and high quality becomes the norm.

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