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FIVE Glaring Video Markerting Mistakes Some Entrepreneurs Make

And How to Avoid These Same Video Marketing Mistakes.


   5 Mistakes Video Marketers Make














A. Not displaying your Name on your Content:

  1. So you have a TV channel and you're receiving traffic.
  2. Are your name and other details clearly displayed on your video listing page?
  3. What about your website - displaying your personal as well as your business name?

The other day while browsing, I came across a video where the speaker's voice sounded familiar, someone who had achieved extraordinary sales success in the past. Although he briefly mentioned his name at the end of the video, he unfortunately dropped his voice while doing so and with his rapid and slightly 'accented' delivery this information was lost to the viewer.  On further investigation I tracked down his channel but still, NO name!  It was the same story with his website. The business name was prominently displayed but unfortunately the owner's name was not.

Without belabouring the point, this information was especially important in this case, from HIS POINT OF VIEW. He was his brand and yet his NAME was nowhere to be found on all his marketing channels. This is probably more important if you're an entrepreneur / sole trader than if you're a larger/ large entity because they have a larger ad spend budget and can create a bigger brand presence more easily than you if you're a small business or sole trader.

B. Not displaying other Relevant, useful Marketing Information:

Do you make these mistakes? Do you make your fans jump through hoops just to find you?
  1. NO Channel name against your videos (it's now easy to brand your channel on EVERY uploaded video with the YT tools - how to do this with in-video programming.)
  2. Having a different Channel name to your Personal Name and /or Website name (if your fans have to type your web name into the YT search, then find your channel, then guess it is yours, because your channel name is NOT the same as your website name, then you're probably losing a good deal of foot traffic.)
  3. While it is not always possible to match all your online names do try to have consistent branding so your fans can recognise and find you more easily
  4. When it's video people want to know who the speaker is -  the creator, the person behind or starring in a video especially if it is a viral one, so the name is important. Imagine if Psy omitted his name from his Gangnam Videos?!!

C. Speaking too Fast especially if you do not Sound "Mainstream"

  1. Slow down to a speed that is easier to listen to for your TARGET MARKET - test on your family and friends before you publish - test various demographic sectors eg. test on your grand-kids/ grandparents, your kids/ your parents, peers/ siblings.
  2. Don't drop your voice just because you are approaching the end of your video message.
  3. Your speaking style varies according to where you come from, etc., and also between generations. You don't have to change yourself drastically, but be aware of how you are sounding to your followers or different segments of your followers. Expect to meet people who don't necessarily speak your language - this is more common these days as more and more countries get online. It will not be feasible to be understood by 100% of your international followers unless you are very multilingual. If your market is very local then ensure you remove all stumbling blocks in your communication style.

D. Not Providing Value to Your Viewers:

Don't just create sales videos. Offer HIGH value gifts eg. find common problems in your niche that you know how to improve on, that would benefit others, then share your knowledge with them.

For example, if you are promoting a Landscaping business, invest in ACTUAL practical demos - so you can gain exposure as an authority and establish your credibility as an expert in your field. Obviously you need to be good at what you do before you can prove yourself, so a real demo or videoed demo as you perform live, is a great tool to boost your credibility.

You could video a demo showing your skill at say, transforming ugly, lazy, garden spaces into amazing, aesthetic and useful garden retreats for the whole family - from the fun poolside for the kids, through to the gourmet, outdoor, BBQ-kitchen for the adults and their visitors.

You could incorporate useful tips and advice for your DIY fans, as you video-record your garden-makeover demo. And if you're a talented landscape designer with a fertile imagination and a very can-do attitude you will have no problems convincing your fans that you're the Go-To person when it comes to garden-makeovers. And on top of that, you will have created a wonderful, useful resource that can be given away as a portfolio-template-kit and/ or 'teaching aid', to pre-sell YOUR SERVICES to prospective clients.

And the list goes on ... explore your talent, tap your Right-Brain ... you may amaze yourself when you put your thinking cap on and/ or brainstorm with like-minded individuals.

E. Pitching Only Sales Messages or Low Ratio of Value Messages:

Offer value more frequently than you pitch sales. Don't just say "join me, buy this, get that, order this, like us, tweet that"!! etc.  Sure, you do need a CTA (call-to-action) but not necessarily DIRECTLY or ALL related to SALES, at this point of your marketing campaign.

One in five messages? It varies, test the ratio that best converts for YOU but without losing your members. 30% ratio of sales to value seems to be a good ballpark figure. You may need to vary for your industry, your niche and your personal circumstances. But definitely sales pitches should NOT exceed the percentage of value messages that you send out unless you're aiming for dropouts from your list.

 5 Mistakes Video Marketers Make












Summary - Hang Out Your Linen - with Care:

If you are trying to be an authority, to influence others then tell people clearly that you ARE an expert on your product or in your niche, so they would be more likely to join/ follow you. Make sure you live up to your claims though!

And if you are fronting your videos, or starring in it in any way it makes sense to clearly have YOUR NAME displaying prominently ON YOUR VIDEOS and VIDEO LISTING PAGES, etc .. now is NOT the time to be shy - now is the time to have your name displayed, right next to or on your IMAGE, as a text insert or overlay, whether it's a personal name, brand name or other entity name.

Don't just assume everyone can hear and catch your name that you hurriedly blurted out, or as you dropped your tone AND volume, or that they recognise you without your name label unless you're so famous eg. movie celebrities, that no intro or refresh is ever going to be needed. Until that day it's best not to leave to chance the opportunity to impress your visitors about who and what you are, what you can offer and do for them - so hang all your linen on the line.

Just make sure that the 'linen' (aka personal info) you display to the public is beautiful, genuine (be yourself) and of a quality that Grandma would imagine it to be spun from the finest silk!

PS: Don't hang your Kitty out ... in your haste ... though!

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