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12 Lessons that Entrepreneurs can Learn From Steve Jobs: By Guy Kawasaki

 12 Great Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki

Here are the Main Points from the Lessons of Steve Jobs by Guy Kawasaki:

  1. Don't ask the 'experts'! (they are clueless especially the self-acclaimed ones).
  2. Customers cannot tell you what they need! (can't create a revolution).
  3. Present your workforce with the BIGGEST, MAGNIFICENT CHALLENGES - this enables your staff to rise up and meet the challenges you set them.
  4. GOOD DESIGN counts! as demonstrated by Apple. A percentage of the population DO CARE about design - it is not an 'add-on' but is fundamental to the whole process.
  5. BIG graphics, BIG fonts - in your powerpoint presentation (60-point - font minimum-size)
  6. "Curve jumping" - development process must make quantum leaps eg. from daisy printer to laser printer analogy (do not rehash a 'better version' - create something radically different!)
  7. FOCUS on what works or what doesn't work. Everything else does not matter.
  8. Value versus price: you want to be unique and valuable - ie. occupy the upper right hand corner of the 'uniqueness and value' matrix - that's where you want to be (especially if you are trying to get venture capital). Value is different from price, when value is so great, price is not even a consideration.
  9. Hire people smarter than you (A+ players) not 'bozos' (B, C. D etc. players)!
  10. Real CEO's can demo! If you can't, quit your job! Steve Jobs can demo Apple better than anyone else. If you can't it shows that you have not embraced your own product!
  11. Ship it if not yet perfect - "ship a good product if it has jumped curves but has beta elements to it". That is don't wait for your product to be 100% perfect - it will never be that (everything is a WIP) and you will risk losing the edge instead. 80%, 90% perfect? (research & set your own benchmark).
  12. Some things need to be believed to be seen (as an ENTREPRENEUR - you have to envision and believe in your product even before it materialises).  TIP: Tap into your right brain or right brain thinkers for support and more abstract thinking if this is too much for your left-brain or left-brainers to handle.

Q & A Section:

Tips on Pitching (for Venture Capital):
  • Venture capitalists invests in 'proven' teams/people/business model/markets. In the first 30 seconds tell them WHAT YOU DO rather than who you are.
  •  Question to ask if thinking of launching a business:
        "Wouldn't it be cool if ..." - ie. find a solution to an existing problem?
  • CEO will find it hard to let go - that is hand over control to the people that you have hired - you need to delegate and give autonomy to your A+ players.  If you have to micromanage someone you most likely don't have an A+ player.

Steve Jobs demos Apple Macintosh, 1984  

Watch This Priceless Video on the Momentous Occasion in the History of Computers

'Demo of the first Apple Macintosh by Steve Jobs, January 1984, in front of 3000 people. Andy Hertzfeld captured the moment quite well in his retelling: "Pandemonium reigns as the demo completes. Steve has the biggest smile I've ever seen on his face, obviously holding back tears as he is overwhelmed by the moment. The ovation continues for at least five minutes before he quiets the crowd down." '

Photo Highlights of Steve Jobs Including Some Momentoes of His Memorial


The greatest tribute you can accord a Person is to apply what he has taught you in striving for the Pinnacle of Excellence and Success, and sharing this Knowledge and then some, with those who would follow in his and your footsteps, just what Guy Kawasaki is doing with Steve Jobs' Gems.

Steve Jobs (taken too soon) Lives on in the 
Memory and Hearts of Those who 
Share his Vision and 
Carry his Flame!

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