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Youtube Tutorial: How to Share Video at SPECIFIC START POINT

Video Sharing Tips: 
How to Share and View Videos More Efficiently

Is your inbox swamped by a deluge of mail? The last thing on your mind is to watch another video, especially if you know the sender has a habit of rambling on.

Tips and Benefits of Sharing and Viewing a Video Efficiently and at a Specific START POINT:

There are many benefits of sharing and viewing a video efficiently. One of the ways to achieve this is to send the video URL with a specific start-point. The above video demonstrates how to arrive at this point in the "SHARE" URL  Here is a summary of the benefits for both senders and recipient viewers -  videos with specific start-points ...:
  • improve efficiency with video-viewing for the recipient
  • increase productivity of the recipient - by ploughing the saved time back into work/ business
  • reduce the risk of viewers losing interest in a long, rambling (but important) video
  • help the sender to sharpen their focus and to prioritise
  • when done consistently this will lead to a host of other benefits for the sender eg. brevity and conciseness, clearer vision, etc. - resulting in efficient video marketing and a user-friendly video for your recipients (whether it is a personal video, non-profit or commercial video, you are engaging in video marketing because gaining views is the aim of a video-producer, and the more viral the video the better for you - it is not intended to be lost in cyber-space unseen).
  • a user-friendly video will be well received and will benefit your business customers and therefore your business - have you ever been to a presentation or worse enrol for an expensive course, only to find the 'tutor' was just hopeless at conveying the message across (even though they are brilliant at what they do?)
  • if you are the kind of speaker to ramble on when asked to talk, video yourself and then edit it and send it off to your audience with a link that will start PAST your preambles and your ambles. If you cannot find that spot, consider re-editing or even re-taking your video.
  • a video that contains different information will be very user-friendly if you send links that start at specific points that are relevant to the different segments of your email list - eg. tips for the care of different breeds of dogs
  • do the same with videos you receive - earmark the part with a link that will start where it matters MOST to you to avoid spending hours watching irrelevant content and improve your efficiency as a video user/ consumer.
  • you can encourage your staff or team to do likewise - with the increasing popularity of video there will come a time when this will be absolutely necessary in order to stay productive and viable.
  • there are two 'methods' - variations of the same feature on Youtube.
  • To watch and share the First Method go here:
  • To watch & share Second Method go here:
    (where the START POINT is @ 1 minute and 40 seconds).

    The 10-20-30 Rule as suggested by Guy Kawasaki -
    The 10-20-30 Rule as Suggested by Guy Kawasaki
TIP: The moral of the story is, although videos are powerful and should be an integral part of your marketing campaign, ensure that they are attractive and user-friendly. A good video is usually:
  1. concise and to the point (especially if you suck as a speaker. Cf. Guy Kawasaki where it's NOT ok to suck AND go long in your presentation),
  2. highly relevant and informative,
  3. entertaining AT THE SAME TIME if that is possible - depends on what your topic is but rest assusred even the most boring of subjects can be enlivened if you incorporate (wisely) humour and psychology into your slide-video-presentationto to keep your audience's attention.
  4. offer exceptional VALUE to the viewer
  5. which all boils down to CONTENT -  content is still king, but make your content short, sweet and relevant (less than 5 minutes long for best results).
  6. If using still photos, do use a sufficient number of photos and other interesting effects (eg. moving text, highlighted text, different font-types and size - for the purpose of emphasis) and music, etc. to keep your audience engaged and eager for more.
  7. 80/20 rule: Just because it's video does not mean a drop-off in standard, in fact video viewers are sophisticated and demand quality. While there is no accounting for taste it is better to deliver a high-quality video (that is also concise and to the point) that will wow at least 80% of your viewers - this is easy to achieve because you can incorporate many attractive elements into a video that is not possible with other methods of presenting information.
  8. 2-for-1 Resource: Guy Kawasaki has an interesting 'rule of thumb',  the 10/20/30 rule where he has a maximum of 10 slides, that run for 20 minutes and showcase font-sizes that are no smaller than 30-points for his presentations. If you are using Powerpoint to create your videos you could try his suggestion so that you end up with a great set of SLIDES plus a VIDEO that is visually-friendly without any extra effort. Then you can upload to a slide-sharing facility like and to This is a smart, efficient method where you're DOUBLING your media file-types AND your marketing channels without having to do any extra work!
  9. allow for no more than 5 points per slide - 3 is better, and a one-word point is ... powerful especially if you deliver that with a little pizzazLess is indeed more!  If you mix and match this ratio chances are your cliff-hanger presentation/ video won't have the chance to become predictable and boring.
  10. all this boils down to "Being SOCIALLY SAVVY with your video Marketing Strategy" and knowing what your Target Audience wants, then doing whatever it takes to deliver on this, from the tiniest tweak of your video length, through to a full re-take.
  11. If the pixels of your Vision are built this way up, then Your Final Dream Picture will be nothing less than those Amazing Pixels that YOU created in the first place.
  12. Isn't this reminiscent of the belief that Steve Jobs espoused throughout his whole life? I like to think so. Your thoughts on this post?

BONUS VIDEO - Inspirational Quotation (cf point 9)

 How to achieve great results, one pixel at a time!

PS: I personally find that Guy Kawasaki's 10-20-30 Rule is very helpful.

What about you? What useful tips do you have that you would 
like to share in the comments section below?

Lastly but not least
"Keep it High ... and to the Right!"

What Quadrant in Life & Business are You aiming For?

Postnote: Put a 'Homing Device' in Your Video so There's No Pussyfooting Around!

You can also choose to start an EMBEDDED video at a certain Timestamp > as per Matt Cutt's post. For example, see the orange-shaded code below:
Add "&start=XXXX" where xxxx is the starting point of your video in seconds eg. if you wish it to start at 1 min and 55 seconds then replace XXXX with (60+55)=115
Type "&start=115" without the quote marks, right after "=" at the end of the code eg.
<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src=""
(Make sure it's INSIDE the closing quotation mark that encloses the URL).
It's very handy if you wish to "home in on the VIDEO point" and works a treat!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

12 Lessons that Entrepreneurs can Learn From Steve Jobs: By Guy Kawasaki

 12 Great Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki

Here are the Main Points from the Lessons of Steve Jobs by Guy Kawasaki:
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