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Make Money Online Podcasting, Teaching, or Publishing a Newsletter Online

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Making money online depends on finding an audience who you can either advertise to or receive direct payment from. Either way, you need an offer that is interesting or informative with which to catch and hold your readers' attention. Your content is everything.

I'll show you how you can make money presenting and distributing content via podcast or a newsletter, and how you can connect directly with your audience as an online tutor.

Getting Paid To Podcast

To create a podcast, you will need a microphone and a recording software. If you have a camera, you can also produce video podcasts. Videos are popular and can be highly viral.

You can download a free recording program from, where you will also find tutorials on the technical side of podcasting.

When you have the content and are able to produce good quality podcasts, you need listeners. You can find them by submitting your podcast to directories such as, promoting it through a website or blog, or advertising in forums and newsletters.

The bigger your market, the better. Don't be intimidated by competitive markets, they're big for a reason--they pay and people are listening!

You will then be able to make money by finding a sponsor who is willing to pay to reach your listeners. You could find your own advertisers, or join a podcasting network such as

If your content is desirable enough, you can charge a fee for access to it, through services such as iTunes ( If you are selling your podcast, however, it is a good idea to create a free-content version too in order to reach new listeners. 

For more information on how to be a Coffeeshop Millionaire, go here.

How To Get Paid To Publish Online Newsletters

Even if you prefer the written word to audio podcasting, you will still need to take care of some technical details.

The best way to distribute newsletters is through an autoresponder list service. These can be set up to automatically deliver pre-written emails to subscribers at set intervals. Each new subscriber will receive all of the emails in your predetermined sequence. That means you can load up a year's worth of content (or more), and it'll automatically publish straight to your subscribers' email boxes without further intervention from you!

A free autoresponder can be downloaded from, while a more professional program can be bought from These programs will also help with managing your subscriber list, so you stay spam-compliant. (I advise using the professional programs because they have a proven track record of delivering your emails to all email clients whereas some free ones can be or are regarded as spammy. It's critical to your success that your emails reach the inboxes of your readers in the first place.)

To succeed your newsletters also need to be attractive, easy to read, and compatible with different computers and internet browsers. You can create beautiful PDF documents using this free office application,

Also, you do not have to create all your own content. You can get free stock photos and articles from sites such as and You can also pay for pre-written content from sites like

Email newsletters are perfect for marketing your own products, if you are running an online business. You can also make money by selling space to advertisers or even charging for subscriptions.

By using the tools from services such as, you can grow your online newsletter list to hundreds, thousands and even millions of people!

For more information on how to be a Coffeeshop Millionaire, go here.

Get Paid To Teach People All Over the World


If you have knowledge and experience to share then you can do so in a podcast or  newsletter, or by writing content for a site such as, who will pay for articles.

Alternatively, you can become an online tutor and communicate directly with students through video chat and email. You could find your own students by advertising your services on, or join a company who will pair you up with suitable learners.

In order to get the best jobs, you may need some relevant qualifications, such as a degree, proven experience in a particular field, or a teaching certificate of some kind. A good speaking and teaching style as well as strong interpersonal skills also help as not everyone with a paper qualification is necessarily a good tutor!

Websites that recruit online teachers include,, and has a teacher directory where you can describe yourself and potential students can find you.

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PS - TIP: Because of the speed of change on the Net and the increasing penetration of the Make Money Online niche by many potential and existing competitors as more people get online in an attempt to find income, it is strongly recommended that one move quickly rather than procrastinate after new systems or new niches have been released or identified, because it is harder to gain a foothold once the competition becomes entrenched and becomes the dominant player in your niche/s.   

Six months is a long time when it comes to online battles and the war is lost if you wait two years or less!!

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