Tuesday, 22 January 2013

How To Change Name Servers for a Domain on NameCheap

It is not very clear where the links are on this site to do this so here is a video tutorial - the process is easy enough but it can be very frustrating if you cannot locate the link to do this! The problem with some services is they do NOT provide sufficient tutorials and if they do these should be ON THEIR MAIN WEBSITE PAGES where it can be easily found! (above the fold? whatever it takes! It's part of the service) especially for services like HOSTING!  Watch more videos here.

And the other problem with some hosting and domain registration services like go daddy is they complicate and obstruct the path between the shopping cart and check-out point then wonder why some customers dump their carts from sheer frustration in trying to navigate the maze of "French fries" thrown at them when all they wanted was to do a QUICK "drive-in", grab a FAST "burger" (renew or buy domain name) and scoot off and not waste a whole afternoon LOST in their site. One could get away with one or two attempts at upselling, but 7 +  persistent, nay, aggressive offers of greasy "fries"?! 

TIPS - How to Provide Better Customer Service & Support: 


  1. Plant tutorials all over your site and make them easy to spot and view (above the fold) - actually HOST or EMBED these videos on YOUR OWN SITE or at least have a very VISIBLE LINK to it if you are hosting your videos on third party platforms, eg. Youtube.
  2. Don't obstruct or distract the shopper between the cart and the check-out point, that is don't thrust more than two offers of 'French Frieds' at your buyer!
  3. If he loses the cart, make sure he can find it easily at every point of the Sales Tunnel, yes 'tunnel' because you don't want your buyer to get so distracted by too many additional offers that he never completes the original sale!
  4. 80/20 rule: Upsell carefully - better to sell that burger than lose the ENTIRE sale trying to grab the  last 20% (french fries, apple pie, coke, soft serve, etc.) ...
  5. Or else, offer each upsell step by step, only AFTER you have sold the main item (additional 'modules'?) cf. a dine-in restaurant where you get served the main menu, with offers of dessert, coffee, cheese platter, etc. only AFTER the mains have been consumed (similar to how some affiliate networks operate when offering upsells for some of their vendor's products.)
  6. Sites offering a service are well-suited for hosting tutorials on how to use their site or/ and services. Customers appreciate that, and these are absolutely essential to Internet newbies or non-tech users. 
  7. Competitive environment: With more people getting online trying to earn income due to the GFC  and just about 'everything' online being made easy (point and click, business in a box - no skills needed, or "I-do-it--all-for-you" offers, etc. ) users have never had it so easy in the history of Internet Business and have come to expect that level of service. It is not sufficient to send them to a FAQ section especially if this is not comprehensive.
  8. In addition to the above benefits, hosting video tutorials on your own site -. drives more traffic from search engines and video-hosting sites and increases your SEO rankings. So now you've not only increased traffic but diversified your sources of traffic - and all for free! This is really beneficial for your business.

If you have a similar experience, feel free to articulate and share.

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