Thursday, 3 January 2013

Building Your List: How to Capture Quality Contacts

Capture Contacts:
Explore techniques to capture high-quality contacts

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How to capture quality contacts using your autoresponder to the MAX

What's Your New Year Resolution for Your Business?

How to capture quality contacts -

To improve performance? A good place to start is your LIST. Re-evaluate your list to see how you can cull, regroup and offer more value, and then witness the rewards that flow through...
  • a more passionate fan-base? 
  • more 'influencers' rooting for you? 
  • more referrals, 
  • more sales, more 
  • positive comments and 
  • more interaction from your community?
  • which in turn attracts the search engines
  • not to mention potential JV partners.

The better the quality of your lists, the more this translates into sales and profits. It's far better to have a smaller but high quality list than a large, untargeted, disengaged or disinterested base.

(This is especially true if you are sending PPC offers to such a list because it can result in low conversions and end up costing you more in the long run, when it comes to your Ad-spend budget and/or lost revenue {your keywords get more expensive and your rankings on search results fall}.)

TIP: Start with a high quality Email Capture Form, follow up rigorously with a Top Email Manager.

Select one that gives you TONS of SUPPORT to build Profitable Campaigns along with the TOOLS. And then go into overdrive when it comes to delivering on your promise.

Because this is your first point of contact, the first impression you make on every new subscriber is crucial for your long term success. So get proven tools with reputable track records for the job to support your best intentions and systems. The wrong tool can actually wreak havoc with your business where your emails never reach your audience and get canned as spam instead!

If LIST management is your PRIORITY get it tackled today, the fast, easy and proven way.

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