Thursday, 13 December 2012

Twitter: How to Change Your Header Image (and Improve BRANDING)

Twitter Tutorial: Change Your Header Image and Promote Your Brand!

There has been more changes added by Twitter as they roll out Header Space to more account holders, for their images (similar to Facebook's Cover Page but not quite as big). So now you can use that as an 'advertising billboard' for your brand. Share this  

You don't have to fill the Twitter header-space with an image if you prefer to leave it blank - it will look black by default. However it's a good idea to use this valuable real estate especially as it's right behind your Twitter Avatar, Bio-lines and URLS and gets first view whenever someone clicks on your Profile.

For example, what kind of band are you? A country and western band? Folk band? etc. When you place an appropriate and relevant image eg. rock band in your Header Space, you immediately send out the correct impression of your band and get the kind of enquiries and leads that you are seeking that could lead to increased bookings eg. for a wedding, dance or social event, private function, etc. and increased sales.

You can make that vital first impression whenever someone lands on your account - make it impressive and congruent with your BRAND. Explicit statement?  Or implicit message?  Either or, or both! Here's your opportunity to get creative, promote your brand and get more Twitter followers with ONE (Header) space!

TIP: You can overlay text messages in your image (so you are getting more messages across), in addition to your text narrative and text links that are sitting on TOP of your header image (your Bio lines) - in effect you are graphically reinforcing your written message. If you wish to do this smarter then do it subtly because this approach often works better than a sledge-hammer approach!

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