Sunday, 30 December 2012

How to Use Youtube to Build a Successful Business

How to Use Youtube to Build a Successful Business

Just my skeleton 'shorthand' notes from the video with my comments in italics:

Production system

Take stock of your passion, talent, skills and experience - (cf. Venn diagram) - find niche/s.

Simon: Do SWAT analysis - it's helpful!

Who's your target market?

Staff selection: A graders (hit the ground running!) > upload, edit videos > > derive = videos, 
blog, caption-text, audio, tags, seo Nb: For tags and kw - usual rules apply!

For insurance/ back up - use vimeo, amazon, etc. diversify risk of having ALL your eggs in one basket.

Growth strategies

Collaborate, Build Relationships on YT

Results - get instant increase in traffic

JV partners may have email subscribers. Look for websites with email lists!

Competitions - very big on YT - sign up for reports, comments on your videos - conversation signs increase virality.

Simon: Search engines 'sit up and take note', activity - signs of good connectivity? etc.

Relationship-building tips: Comment on big channels regularly.

Simon: Yes, except some folks do it so WRONG! It's blatantly obvious you're trying to hijack their traffic if you leave your calling card aka URL without even so much as breaking the ice first.

Make List-Building (email list) your priority.

Simon: Yes, that's the whole idea - building your email list!!!!

Do SEO - Back linking, High ranking sites, Authority sites ... etc. 

Don't need too many views eg. 4000-view video pulls in $100,000 sales revenue!

But do need strategy. Your value input for your videos? Not straight Ads!

Simon: Yes I agree - you do have to think about a (consistent) theme. Not a hotpotch* of unrelated videos. If you do*, inter-relate them somehow. Start with Kw-based theme - it's easier in long run.

If you're good at debating, you can somehow tie one idea with another by finding common ground between your differing products or videos (think outside the box?).  But it's easier to continue if you have a strategy that's been clearly ETCHED into your vision, right from the beginning.

And of course based around your keywords - SEO for videos is the same as seo for your blogs!

How to build a successful business on Youtube!

Simon: Yes structuring a STRATEGY is key {otherwise you're like a ship without a rudder}. 

While you may test the market and your skillset initially (and so may not have a laser focus because you're finding your feet during this phase) once you discover that you've actually got some traction in a particular niche with your TV channel you can go to market - so to speak!

You've done your initial lab testing! Next, launch or plan a full Rollout - sooner rather than later, in order not to waste all that foot-traffic, momentum or your grip on your niche and  your fans!

Op-tin rate achieved is 30% of 100 footprints per day = 1000 subscribers per month = do-able!!

Equates to approx $5k per month revenue. Room for growth? Simon: Yes, definitely!

Desired outcome

To create an automatic SYSTEM of recurring, online, passive INCOME/S.

Must be simple, easy and quick to implement, delegate, replicate, grow and carry on.

Simon: Here are  key ideas discussed and my input.  For the FULL monty watch the video.

PS: A channel on YT doesn't guarantee (overnight) success - you've got to apply yourself ...

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