Thursday, 13 December 2012

Great Video Marketing SPCA, NZ on Porter, First Driving Dog!

We love this Ad - see why! 
It's not just that Porter is the first Dog or that we like dogs ...

Great Video Marketing SPCA, NZ! Well done Porter!
 As a Video Marketing Exercise We Rate it a THUMBS-UP!

These 2 videos had well over one million views and 2,283,624 views at the point of writing.

The video editing is brilliant; the music choice, the message - perfect!

Well done, SPCA - New Zealand!!

The SPCA, NZ, exceeded my expectations when they produced this video.  
And it goes to show you that if dogs from broken homes can do this ...

(Suggestion: The one thing that could be improved on is to make their links clickable.)


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The SPCA, NZ, is a SAVVY outfit obviously, and not just with dogs.

Pass the video around - for a good cause! 


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