Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Save HEAPS With COUPONS & DEALS This Season!!


Shopping TIPS to Stretch Your Wallet:

This black model is also cool - 32 % SAVINGS! (save $73 !!)
FREE Super Shipping Saver for all models.

More Reading

I handpicked these because they were relevant to couponing
and also offered valuable tips and shopper metrics especially to small businesses:

76 % of women shoppers are bargain hungers

Extreme couponing, how to save big online

Where customers create the deals

Sometimes small businesses need to do this
"Use promotions for building relationships instead of creating one-time transactions'

Small businesses wield more power than they think 
(economic backbone of free market nations - article covers how to be heard, get YOUR share..)

Store with a difference - good points why they stand out

The Couponing Trend is likely to increase rather than decrease
because of the high level of national debt and its recessionary effects.

Tried out these coupons yet? Your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
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