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Pinterest: How to Leave Group Board & Get More Followers


Get More PINS or Get More FOLLOWERS

Video - How To Remove Yourself From a Group Board

PINterest Tutorial and Discussion

How To Leave GROUP BOARD or How to Remove Yourself from a GROUP BOARD (that you were invited to or added to by someone else) and get MORE FOLLOWERS. Please watch the video for the actual process while below we discuss our observations, and the pros and cons of GBs.

About Group Boards (GB): Group Boards are Pinterest Boards where other pinners other than yourself can attach their pins. You can create your own or host other people's group boards. Unlike the GB that you create yourself, when you host an EXTERNAL GB this shows up in your account but you will NOT be able to EDIT this board apart from removing yourself from the board. There are Pros and Cons About Group Boards (GB). 

Guest-Host of Group Board

Sometimes when you get invited and you join GROUPS there comes a time when you wish to leave. This process is not obvious so I have documented the steps to share with you. We found that sometimes you gain many board pinners but at the expense of your follower numbers. On the other hand, 'hosting' someone else's group board on your site allows you to add your pins to that board (subject to the rules governing that board). So it will  depend on what you wish to achieve with your Group Board (your Pinterest goal if you have one).

Note: The larger the group-board (pinners) the more you will have to scroll to find your handle / ID, so be patient when it's a large group board! (since this article was published, the changes on Pinterest include having your ID close to the top so now you can find it easily if you wish to leave).

Observation: Paradoxically you get MORE FOLLOWERS when you remove GROUP Boards from your account (perhaps pinners are so busy pinning their stuff onto Group Boards on your account that they forget to follow YOU). Try it out for yourself then let me know what you observed.

However one can have one's cake and eat it too, in other words you can still host group boards on your account so that you can add your OWN pins to these without getting flooded with spammy notices in your email inbox or steeply falling, follower-numbers by compromising eg.:

  1. Select only those group boards relevant to your niche.
  2. Host only a few - those with a similar or related, target market as you, so that when you add your own pins you are promoting brand awareness to YOUR target market. For example, if you are in the wholesale coffee industry hosting a Restaurant Group Board and pinning there would be more productive in getting leads than say, a Handbag Group.
  3. The more specific the Group Board the better for you. When a board is too generic you will find diverse pinners pinning very diverse pins and this will result in a flood of almost spammy, email notices. You can turn off notification (- go EDIT board/ Tick OFF/ SAVE Settings -) but then you will not be able to monitor the new pins or pinners. Pinning your own pins on a generic group board will not produce a good ROI of your time and effort because of the shotgun approach (aiming at everyone instead of your target market).
  4. Nb: A trickle of qualified traffic is better than a torrent of non-targeted viewers.

Creator-Owner of Group Board

If you own the GROUP BOARD/S ie. you are the creator, then you benefit from getting more pins without having to do the work yourself (ie. you receive content passively). You can attract pinners to pin to your GB depending on what your GB is about - it can be specific eg. shoes, handbags, clothes, art, content marketing, or a board that is more generic (needs to be suitably titled, eg. 'Odds & Ends').

You can state your terms of pinning under the Board's Information Section (access this via the EDIT button of the board) so pinners can observe your rules (or have their pins removed). For example you could state clearly that there is to be no porn, or extreme stuff, etc. and that pinners could only attach one pin per day, and that they would lose their privileges if they did not observe your rules, etc. - and then do make sure you enforce your rules for that community, to ensure these are respected by all and sundry.

And as a creator you can multiply or leverage this effect when you get other pinners to 'HOST' your GROUP BOARD/S on THEIR ACCOUNTS. These days you need them to accept your invitation before your GB will appear on their accounts. You used to be able to add these 'volunteers' even without their knowledge but I would not recommend that if you intend to pin and network effectively and happily!

If you wish to find out how to START a GB or invite other members to HOST your GB, stay tuned for my next blog posts.

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