Thursday, 8 November 2012

Making $ense of Your Adsense Earnings & Reports

How to Boost Your Adsense Income

If you are earning Adsense income from your blogs and videos then check out this video recording: how to maximise your adsense revenue by tweaking your settings. It's worth taking some time to get to grips with managing your account/s properly because it impacts on your Adsense earnings.

In addition, do remember that it's the quality of your blog or website that will drive traffic to your content, and that will attract the best or higher-paying advertisers. Despite the rise and rise of social media, content is still king.

TIP: Try and write original and interesting articles or source similar. Getting it written for you is not quite the same as doing it yourself which is the preferred option because apart from establishing your authority,  you are also establishing your (unique) voice which is harder for others to copy. The more you write, the more you will develop your own, unique writing style. When that happens you will own a piece of the Internet, your very own piece of virtual real estate even if it's just a tiny studio-apartment right now and not quite a virtual mansion ... yet. (But you need to start blogging, if you haven't already. Your blog, rather than your social media accounts, will be the major avenue for your Adsense promotions. When you do it often enough, you will get into a roll, then your thoughts and writing will flow freely.)

If you use non-original information at least add your own spin on it and / or test, record your observations and publish your conclusions - your (additional) insights may yield interesting viewpoints that might not have been discussed or thought of in the original article and may be just what readers are looking for!

TIP: Skim or read fast and widely to get ideas and to stay current. Don't get too bogged down in detail especially if the metrics look complicated - get the gist ... first. Revisit later on if it's a really important piece of news or information.

While Adsense earnings may be a trickle for some right now it is not to be scoffed at as it has the potential to be much more. In the meantime if it's paying bills and putting food on the table, you're doing well. Just note that there are simple tweaks that can optimise your current income stream (cf. Placement ads, CPM) even before you drill more Adsense Wells in your quest for more Adsense Gold!

Recommended: (newsletter subscription is $5.95 per month) (for social media) (free blog, has mobile-preview feature - you can select a different template for mobiles than for your website-blog and it is very straightforward to add Adsense units.).

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