Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Grandma's Thanksgiving Tips

Cooking Up a Storm - Tips From My Grandmother


Stuffing is for the Birds

Eating Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's is a treat that I look forward to each year. Take Grandma's turkey stuffing and trimmings - moist and full of heavenly flavours - they transform her roast into a sumptuous feast.

When asked what her secret was, Grandma said less was more, that over-stuffing was for the birds! "You know, like the Penguin," she added, with a disarming smile. At that point I almost fell off my chair! Whatever Grandma meant, the key words from her frank advice were not to over-stuff!  After such a profound chat she had no idea that my respect for her had shot through the stratosphere.


Her Tip: "Apply with caution, keep a balance, be sensible and do not overdo it or you'll ruin the Turkey! Above all, don't be a Goose, don't let it get to your head!"

What a wise Grandma! She knows all about birds and still makes the best turkey stuffing that I have ever enjoyed!



Gravy to Die For

Now the other thing that makes her dinner memorable is her gravy! You gotta be fast when she brings out the gravy or you'll be licking the drips from the gravy-boat. I swear to you, I don't know what she puts into it because it's never the same from year to year.  We cajoled my Grandma for her recipe and this is what she said:

"Honey, I just use whatever comes to my head and what fresh ingredients that's around that's inspired me. One thing though, I do NOT copy someone else's recipe. I prefer to use my own unique and original ideas in my cook-up!"

Note: My Grandma did not grow up with the Internet or Wikipedia for looking things up. She cooked the way her mother and grand mother did, and from the heart - a Gift from the Past that's fast disappearing from our landscape.

As usual my Grandma's right! She makes delicious gravy that's so memorable because it's something that I simply can't find anywhere else. Bless her heart.

I think even Gordon Ramsay would smile if he sat at my Grandma's table!  We rated Grandma a thumbsup, for both her cooking and her great tips. I feel humble and honoured to have a granny who can teach me two important lessons about SEO!

Have a great Thanksgiving this year, and a toast to ALL Grandmas!

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