Sunday, 11 November 2012

Dubturbo Beat-Maker Review

Looking to Make Your Own Beats, Loops, Dubs, CDs, Ringtones and More? - Have Fun as a DJ Rockstar!
Last night while browsing we found this cool beat-maker. When you're creating videos, there comes a time when you just have to have the right audio accompaniment, to set the mood or tone for your message. This is really important because an unsuitable audio will destroy the rest of your work.

Then there are other issues to consider such as copyright laws. With so much publicity about recent cases and ongoing tightening of such laws it pays to ensure you are not infringing such laws especially if you wish to continue publishing and receiving views for your videos and audios.

While you can buy ready-made audio clips often you have to trawl through a huge list and still not find what you are after - either in the quality, timbre, length, genre, etc. And in the past software for this purpose was just too complex, expensive and had a steep, learning curve, which was daunting for most people.

This beat-maker however appears to be easy to use and versatile - all you need is the software and your keyboard, and you're ready to churn out a large variety of cool, audio creatives such as:
  • rap or song accompaniments
  • video scores
  • game themes
  • custom dubs
  • cool loops
  • ringtones
  • promo music
  • website audios
  • compact discs
  • beats and more ...

The license allows you to sell or give away your beats with no encumbrances. Best of all, you do not need to be a techie, or be music-literate or have loads of free time to use this to create beats that work. And with a 60-day, iron-clad, refund guarantee you get a generous time to test-drive this.

However the real test is in the 'pudding' so stay-tuned while we check it out further. In the meantime have a play with this digital gizmo, as there is a Free DEMO Version Here! Your chance to get creative!

Make beats in a heart-beat - NO skills or studio required.

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Note: Those savvy businesses who take their Video Marketing seriously will have the upper hand in time to come, over those who don't. Once your competition dominates a market and important promotion channels it is more difficult, and sometimes just plain impossible, to penetrate that segment later on.

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