Monday, 1 October 2012

How To Select a Good Product and Affiliate Network

great customer service - http://surgeyourprofits.blogspot.comMake Money Online by Affiliate Marketing: 

One of the fastest ways to start an online business is to promote other people's products as an Affiliate where you get paid a commission for each sale, if you do not have your own products to promote.

There are many affiliate networks and products these days but how do you select a good one?


My Suggested Checklist:

  • Before you even think of making a single dollar of profit check that you can find HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS that are on offer at a network.
  • Test these products yourself if you can, BEFORE you recommmend them to your list!!
  • If it is a membership product with recurring fees, how good are they when a customer cancels say, after a while ie. been paying recurring fees each month.
  •  Do you get a prompt response when you cancel, as fast as when you purchased?
  • When you get no response to an initial request how long does it take before you get a response and after how many attempts? Put yourself in your customer's shoes, if they want a refund or want to cancel an ongoing fee. What happens when you follow-up your first follow-up (ie. followup #2 and #3, etc.) - find out how long before you get a response, and a satisfactory response at that!
  • You don't want to subject your customers to UNNECESSARY frustration and delays when it comes to refunds or cancellations - good follow-up customer service begins AFTER the product is purchased. This is even more important if you intend your product or your affiliate link to be referred and recommended to the buyer's friends and the rest of their community, online and offline - that is, their circle of influence (everyone has one). Some of your customers could be those 'movers and shakers' on your social media sites - you know, that small percentage that's responsible for getting you more likes on FB, more tweets on Twitter, more comments on Youtube, more subscriptions, etc. so you don't want to lose or alienate your voluntary CHEER-LEADERS who have alot of influence on their and your followers and who are rooting for YOU - and for free!
  • Your (ongoing) reputation is worth more than the sale of that one product - anytime - it is EVERYTHING.  So don't be tempted to turn a blind eye to the weak aspects of a particular product or a vendor's after-sales service or lack of, because your list and your reputation is worth more than that - even if the COMMISSION looks lucrative.
  • Remember to treat your database, email, or cellphone list with the utmost of care - treat them as GOLD because they are worth their weight in gold.
  • EMAIL ADDRESS OR CONTACT BOX: Your Affiliate Network Website should also have easy options for reaching and contacting the Affiliate Manager, in the event that you or your customer discover some issue with the product or the after-sales service.  Some of the CPA Affiliate networks have very good managers where it's easy to email them directly and who will email you back promptly. If there is no easy way to contact them (except by PHONE!!) then that's a red flag  - when they are offering digital products it's paradoxical to find only phone numbers (what about international affiliates???) and for one country only, and no email address or no Contact Form or one that's well hidden away!  In other words how good and/or accessible - really - is their customer support? and affiliate support? Or is your Affiliate Manager a Phantom? Or worse someone who appears on a SALES drive but disppears when SUPPORT is required?
  • Find a better network to promote if the AFTER-SALES SUPPORT or the AFFILIATE SUPPORT is glaringly absent. If the Network does not look after its affiliates, its likely that they will NOT look after YOUR CUSTOMERS and vice versa!!
  • You've invested precious time, money and elbow grease to promote and/or purchase their products, you don't need to be messed around when it comes to getting AFTER-SALES SUPPORT. This should be easily forthcoming and fast too - whether you're their affiliate or their customer or both! If you have to wait 2 or 3 days or more, find another network to work with, seriously. (The after-sales support is really crucial. Every seller is sweet PRE-SALES but the ones who honour their customers with oustanding AFTER-SALES service following purchase of a superior PRODUCT/ SERVICE, even if it's a request for a refund or cancellation, is the kind of vendor to JV with. This kind of vendor will very likely also dole out that same stellar SUPPORT to you as an affiliate when you need it.)

CUSTOMER SERVICE: An example of great customer service is CMC. Every email gets a helpful and relevant response within minutes without going to their website to hunt for their contact form! Their service is EXCELLENT in terms of quality and speediness. They have truly raised the bar for their competition. In today's fast-paced world you cannot afford to respond tardily or your competition will pip you to the post. When email is instantaneous taking a week to respond is to commit harakiri.

  • What about you?  In this ongoing GFC-enviroment only the best will survive and thrive.  How are you differentiating your product or service from your competiton so that your offer and yours alone,  JUMPS OUT from the gazillion offers to STUN YOUR AUDIENCE with its brilliance?
  • NO-BRAINER: That's the product that your customer will flock to BUY! and the one to PROMOTE.  And if you are into product creation, the kind to DEVELOP.  Don't waste your time and energy on anything mediocre ...  the Net is littered with carcasses that FAIL to deliver on their promises! You're better than that!  To succeed on the Net and earn online, remember to aim for EXCELLENCE ... in everything you do. 

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