Wednesday, 17 October 2012

How To Reinforce Your CHANNEL BRANDING on Youtube

You can now reinforce your Channel's BRAND across ALL your videos and also promote one of your FEATURED VIDEOS within all your uploaded videos. This is a new feature recently introduced by Youtube with huge potential benefits to you as a USER for increasing brand awareness and getting more traffic - how cool is that?!

This is how you enable this feature:
  1. Log in
  2. Go to SETTINGS, then
  3. InVIDEO PROGRAMMING - "Drive viewership to a specific video and reinforce channel branding using InVideo Programming across all your videos"

Branding your channel on Youtube -

2 - Branding your channel on Youtube -

3 - Branding your channel on Youtube -

Watch the video for the rest of the steps. Please note that:
  • You can change your CHANNEL'S AVATAR or LOGO from your current image which is handy as you may have a different group or global brand that is distinctly different from the current one on your YT channel.
  • You can change the LOCATION occupied by your logo or avatar
  • You can do the same for your FEATURED VIDEO except that it cannot occupy the same location as your logo (for obvious reasons).
  • You can adjust the DISPLAY TIME - at the end, or partway through the video (- you decide the exact entry time when it appears, and the duration -), or for the entire duration of the video.
  • The AVATAR and THUMBNAIL of your featured video are clickable links that will take you back to your channel or to the specified video itself.
  • While the changes are universal for now (ie. it shows in ALL your videos) over time, this feature hopefully, may become versatile and customisable and you may have the option of selecting which videos will incorporate these features (as YT has been constantly evolving and improving since it started updating its site from last year).
  • You will notice that there has been considerable beta-testing this year, with YT keeping some while deleting other changes (eg. the light box experiment, the store - in its current format will be going ..., etc.), all the while taking note of user-feedback.
  • This is a good thing and smart move by YT, being focussed on user-experience, for both parties.
  • The site feels more and more commerce-friendly and more commerce-enabling.*
  • What are your thoughts about these new features?
  • How will you use this branding and promotion opportunity for the benefit of YOUR business?
  • And/or for the benefit of your CLIENTS' businesses, if you are managing their video accounts?
  • If you haven't thought much about your avatar/logo or branding now would be a good time to assess its effectiveness. If you have many videos that are not entirely congruent with your overall theme your LOGO appearing in all your videos will allow you to consolidate your brand over all your videos and give you a better chance to unify your (diverse) portfolio. 
  • In general, it's an opportune time for YT users to re-evaluate their BRAND / LOGO for effectiveness (regarding design, impact, simplicity, memorability, message). Nike, Coca Cola, M arches - are some examples of very effective logos - recognised the world over, even in remote areas. 
  • TIP: Research the best logos (usually simple and minimalistic) before you finalise your design.

Some happy medium that allows community-building with direct, uncomplicated, commerce activity and easy, non-restrictive networking and 'friending' may be the social media model of the future? Time will tell when we see how these social media giants perform. A business-friendly, social media platform is likely to have a more profitable model and therefore a better chance to survive and thrive, in the long run over other types of less-monetizable models.

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