Monday, 17 September 2012

Which Social Sharing Buttons Should You Use?

This infographic is self explanatory so check out which one suits your business best. The consensus of opinion is to select only 3 social media sites to belong to - less is more. 

Select the ones that best suit your business model and characteristics and also give the best ROI because social sites are notoriously good at sucking your time unless you are disciplined, focussed and work to a predetermined gameplan and outcome.


Google +:  If you are targeting men, try Google + (also good for students, and software engineers). For play go to Reddit, for business use Linked in.  

From One End of the Scale to The Other: B2C to B2B,  Play to Work

StumbleUpon: B2C / M+F/ P:  For play ... mainly.  : O

Pinterest: B2C / F / W+P:  Why it's so good for sales? A Work and play platform - why, isn't that a good one to be on to promote your wares, when those who work have the opportunity to meet (and sell to) those who come to play? It's not surprising that fashion, arty and creative individuals and industries thrive here as it's a very visual and beautiful platform, that allows you to strut your stuff and showcase your talent and portfolios aesthetically. (Prospective clients on the other hand, can get a feel for the artist's work and style.  Initial chance preludes like these, increasingly these days, have a good probability to lead to full symphonies later on where both parties benefit.)  Designers, free lancers in creative or home industries abound with huge followings, now followed by the rest of the world who have caught onto Pin's potential. It is truly both a work and play station - you can get distracted easily when on this site.  : P

Twitter, Facebook: B2C / B2B / M+F / W+P:  Good for any industry. Work and play for many people but as a business you will be working hard at 'playing' ....  : )

Linkedin:  B2B / M+F / W:  At the other end of the spectrum. For work only.  : (

(where M = male, F=female, W=work, P=play)

 social sharing button - select the right ones: 

(Source: The Search Agents. Social buttons credit: Benjamin Read.)

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