Thursday, 13 September 2012

Google+, +1 Button, Google Circles, Pages and Search

If you are still wondering what the difference is between Google +, +1 Button (similar to Facebook 'like' button,) Google Circles and Pages (simlar to Facebook pages), Hangouts, plus implications for Search, and how best to Tap these features to the advantage of your Brand and Business, watch this great video where these are very well explained - enjoy!

These features now offer you the chance to:
  • network with like-minded people,
  • gain a more targeted following (you can block others and vice versa)
    (where you do not need permission to follow others and vice versa), 
  • spread your good work and recommendations all over the web 
  • and also that of other people - friends, family, peers, etc.
  • hold a group, video conference (for free, up to 10) with Google Hangouts. 
  • receive more customized search results and
  • build up massive trust and reputation online rather quickly too
  • (or opt out from Google+ - it won't affect your search results on Google)
... the way it was not possible before. While these features resemble Facebook's like and page they are more powerful as they can be used ALL over the web.


On Blogger, there is a SHARE button located at the top LHS making it easy to share your post with your audience. (You need a Google profile before you can share with your friends.).

On Blogger: You can add a Google +1 Button anywhere in your blog by going to LAYOUT, then ADD GADGET, then selecting the +1 BUTTON option, and installing it.  Drag and drop the +1 Button gadget to position it to suit you. A good position is the top RHS / LHS or at the base of your blog. This enables your article to be publicly recommended and shared.

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