Sunday, 16 September 2012

Empower Yourself Over Your Information With DNT+

Zap the Zombies! You Know You Want To!

Dont let the zombies get you!Tired of ads that follow you everywhere? especially when they are so pervasive and never seem to expire? Kinda reminds you of  the  'living dead" in those zombie-horror movies, where they pop up from behind headstones and everywhere else?

Often these ads served by Ad Trackers are not even pertinent to your own interests but have been served based on your work searches/ research so it's irksome to see them, sometimes really ugly ads, follow you everywhere you go on the Net!  It wouldn't be so bad if it was attractive eye-candy!

  • By the way, since they've opened the floodgates on Facebook re ads these same ads are also appearing (ie. tracking you) on FB where in the past they did not.   
  • FB ads in the past were served based on your 'interests' which you had indicated eg. under interests, you might have selected 'vegan diet', 'fat loss', 'travelling', etc. Now your browsing habit is also fair game on the FB platform, in case you were not aware of these changes.

So check out  DNT+ - this could be your solution if you are needing some peace and privacy. Find out how many thousands (ad networks, social media sites, etc. etc.) are tracking you!

Regain Control of Your Privacy and Info:"Do Not Track Plus"



"Stop companies from tracking you"

 From Abine - The online privacy company™

"Ad companies and social networks are tracking everything you do on the web. They know what sites you visit, when you visit them and how often you do...and they know who you are. DNT+ blocks the tracking so you can browse freely and safely.
  • Free tool that puts you back in control of your information
  • Best available blocking stops more than 600 trackers
  • Compatible with Mac or PC for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer
  • Automatically updates to catch new trackers"

Check it out: Take it for a test-drive (it's a browser add-on). You can enable or disable before you surf - whenever it suits you.  We are testing this currently, 16/9/2012.

Let us know about your experience with this if you decide to trial it (it's free) as we are interested in finding the best resources to share with our audience to improve their experience on the Net.

We would appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

Results 22/9/2012 (after being briefly on FB tonight - 10 mins checking messages):

DNT results 22-9-12:

Results 24-9-2012 after being online briefly. Who else is tracking you?  It's interesting to see:

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