Monday, 17 September 2012

Which Social Sharing Buttons Should You Use?

This infographic is self explanatory so check out which one suits your business best. The consensus of opinion is to select only 3 social media sites to belong to - less is more. 

Select the ones that best suit your business model and characteristics and also give the best ROI because social sites are notoriously good at sucking your time unless you are disciplined, focussed and work to a predetermined gameplan and outcome.


Google +:  If you are targeting men, try Google + (also good for students, and software engineers). For play go to Reddit, for business use Linked in.  

From One End of the Scale to The Other: B2C to B2B,  Play to Work

StumbleUpon: B2C / M+F/ P:  For play ... mainly.  : O

Pinterest: B2C / F / W+P:  Why it's so good for sales? A Work and play platform - why, isn't that a good one to be on to promote your wares, when those who work have the opportunity to meet (and sell to) those who come to play? It's not surprising that fashion, arty and creative individuals and industries thrive here as it's a very visual and beautiful platform, that allows you to strut your stuff and showcase your talent and portfolios aesthetically. (Prospective clients on the other hand, can get a feel for the artist's work and style.  Initial chance preludes like these, increasingly these days, have a good probability to lead to full symphonies later on where both parties benefit.)  Designers, free lancers in creative or home industries abound with huge followings, now followed by the rest of the world who have caught onto Pin's potential. It is truly both a work and play station - you can get distracted easily when on this site.  : P

Twitter, Facebook: B2C / B2B / M+F / W+P:  Good for any industry. Work and play for many people but as a business you will be working hard at 'playing' ....  : )

Linkedin:  B2B / M+F / W:  At the other end of the spectrum. For work only.  : (

(where M = male, F=female, W=work, P=play)

 social sharing button - select the right ones: 

(Source: The Search Agents. Social buttons credit: Benjamin Read.)

Top 10 Pinterest Users who are Fashionably Pinteresting

Stumbleupon drives more traffic than Facebook ... read more

Deja vue at Olympics and Social Media 

8 tips for a Viral Video campaign

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Empower Yourself Over Your Information With DNT+

Zap the Zombies! You Know You Want To!

Dont let the zombies get you!Tired of ads that follow you everywhere? especially when they are so pervasive and never seem to expire? Kinda reminds you of  the  'living dead" in those zombie-horror movies, where they pop up from behind headstones and everywhere else?

Often these ads served by Ad Trackers are not even pertinent to your own interests but have been served based on your work searches/ research so it's irksome to see them, sometimes really ugly ads, follow you everywhere you go on the Net!  It wouldn't be so bad if it was attractive eye-candy!

  • By the way, since they've opened the floodgates on Facebook re ads these same ads are also appearing (ie. tracking you) on FB where in the past they did not.   
  • FB ads in the past were served based on your 'interests' which you had indicated eg. under interests, you might have selected 'vegan diet', 'fat loss', 'travelling', etc. Now your browsing habit is also fair game on the FB platform, in case you were not aware of these changes.

So check out  DNT+ - this could be your solution if you are needing some peace and privacy. Find out how many thousands (ad networks, social media sites, etc. etc.) are tracking you!

Regain Control of Your Privacy and Info:"Do Not Track Plus"



"Stop companies from tracking you"

 From Abine - The online privacy company™

"Ad companies and social networks are tracking everything you do on the web. They know what sites you visit, when you visit them and how often you do...and they know who you are. DNT+ blocks the tracking so you can browse freely and safely.
  • Free tool that puts you back in control of your information
  • Best available blocking stops more than 600 trackers
  • Compatible with Mac or PC for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer
  • Automatically updates to catch new trackers"

Check it out: Take it for a test-drive (it's a browser add-on). You can enable or disable before you surf - whenever it suits you.  We are testing this currently, 16/9/2012.

Let us know about your experience with this if you decide to trial it (it's free) as we are interested in finding the best resources to share with our audience to improve their experience on the Net.

We would appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

Results 22/9/2012 (after being briefly on FB tonight - 10 mins checking messages):

DNT results 22-9-12:

Results 24-9-2012 after being online briefly. Who else is tracking you?  It's interesting to see:

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Google+, +1 Button, Google Circles, Pages and Search

If you are still wondering what the difference is between Google +, +1 Button (similar to Facebook 'like' button,) Google Circles and Pages (simlar to Facebook pages), Hangouts, plus implications for Search, and how best to Tap these features to the advantage of your Brand and Business, watch this great video where these are very well explained - enjoy!

These features now offer you the chance to:
  • network with like-minded people,
  • gain a more targeted following (you can block others and vice versa)
    (where you do not need permission to follow others and vice versa), 
  • spread your good work and recommendations all over the web 
  • and also that of other people - friends, family, peers, etc.
  • hold a group, video conference (for free, up to 10) with Google Hangouts. 
  • receive more customized search results and
  • build up massive trust and reputation online rather quickly too
  • (or opt out from Google+ - it won't affect your search results on Google)
... the way it was not possible before. While these features resemble Facebook's like and page they are more powerful as they can be used ALL over the web.


On Blogger, there is a SHARE button located at the top LHS making it easy to share your post with your audience. (You need a Google profile before you can share with your friends.).

On Blogger: You can add a Google +1 Button anywhere in your blog by going to LAYOUT, then ADD GADGET, then selecting the +1 BUTTON option, and installing it.  Drag and drop the +1 Button gadget to position it to suit you. A good position is the top RHS / LHS or at the base of your blog. This enables your article to be publicly recommended and shared.

For full details check out:

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

How To Interact With Customers Online?

Internet - Small Business Advice: Interacting with Customers Online

Conversing with customers online is very different from talking or negotiating in a store. On the internet, users appreciate honesty, speed and conversation. They reject one-way marketing and defensive personalities.

When speaking with customers, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or on a blog or forum, make sure you’re contributing to the discussion. Offer an opinion on the topic at hand. Only market your product or service when you feel it could solve a problem or push the discussion forward.

The great thing about a platform like Twitter is that you can search for whenever your company is mentioned. Be sure to acknowledge positive comments, and attempt to fix complaints quickly.

You should also make sure you keep an eye out for discussion on rival companies. If any of their customers are disappointed, you can always swoop in and offer a discount to convince them to try your product instead.

Cf diagram: See how well the good doctor does this on Facebook! His PR machine is very skilled - he generates a huge following, and gets a very warm reception. He really knows how to engage people and is very skilled at using Facebook!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

SMS Marketing – Slexicon Co-founder Vito Grigorov Offers Tips To Start-ups

SMS Marketing – Slexicon Co-founder Vito Grigorov Offers Tips To Start-ups: Marketing

The Rise of SMS Marketing – Expert Offers Start-up Guidelines

By Michelle Hammond
Wednesday, 05 September 2012

SMS marketing - http://blog.surgeyourprofits.coStart-ups have been urged to consider text messages as a key marketing channel, after a report revealed 97% of text messages are opened – a far higher rate than email.

Chetan Sharma, a US-based technology and strategy consultancy, conducted some research on the rise of the humble text message as a means of communication for businesses.

According to the research, 97% of text messages get opened, and most are opened within four minutes. Meanwhile, 83% are opened within the hour.

Vito Grigorov, co-founder of Sydney-based start-up Slexicon, told StartupSmart SMS is the most “frictionless” way to communicate.

“When I say frictionless, it’s a medium that every mobile phone has the capacity to provide for,” he says.

Slexicon allows businesses to collect customers’ mobile numbers in-store.

“Then, through a simple phone call to us, [those businesses can] share offers and updates with their loyal customers via SMS and their online news feeds,” Slexicon says on its website.

Grigorov says unlike apps, everyone knows what a text message is, which is why SMS marketing is so effective.

“Only one in six people who have smartphones actually open up apps. Because of the fact that SMS is like a phone call, everyone knows what it is,” he says.

“You almost want to open it up and see what it is. It has that immediacy factor. Everyone has a phone but not everyone has a smartphone, so SMS triumphs over apps every day.”

SMS marketing is proving particularly popular among beauty salons, clothing stores and cafes. But according to Grigorov, every business can “crack the code” with regard to SMS marketing.

“A lot of bricks-and-mortar stores have a lot of foot traffic, so SMS brings a lot of physical customers into their store,” he says.

“Stores without a retail shopfront can still use SMS in order to attract customers by getting them to make bookings on the phone or directing them to their website.”

“No matter what industry you’re in, you should be able to draw traffic to whatever sort of offer it is.”

Grigorov believes businesses shouldn’t use SMS marketing more than twice a month, and should always include an opt-out function.

“You should, by law, have an appropriate opt-out function... by which people can opt out of the SMS and opt in to receive that message through a website, which still allows them to see that message but in a non-obtrusive way.”

In addition to discounts, Grigorov says SMS marketing can be an ideal way to promote value-adds. With regard to the message itself, Grigorov says it should always be kept short and sweet.

  • “Explaining who you are is the first thing, and 
  • describing what the offer is comes second. 
  • You should then be explaining the details of the terms
    • such as ‘one per person’ or 
    • ‘expiry date will be next week’,” ... he says.
  • “And make sure the address of the business 
  • or the URL link is accompanying the message 

..... because a lot of people will NOT remember who you are.”!!


If you are not collecting your customers' mobile numbers you are hopefully collecting their EMAIL addresses (with their consent)? You will be surprised to learn that even businesses like large, Retail Stores FAIL to do so!  

They have full, historical details of customers' purchases but no effective and fast, economical way of contacting their database of existing customers and so rely heavily on expensive, traditional, marketing channels (eg. full, glossy flyers via snail mail, TV ads) to advertise their offers ... often with hit-and-miss results.

If you collect BOTH emails and mobile numbers, you have just doubled your chances of reaching your customers and of promoting new offers (and without costing you a cent).  Now you are REALLY in business! 

Just remember to treat your Customer List with respect and the utmost of care - and do reward those who take action eg. give them something (that you can afford) for signing up with you ... at the store. 

For example, a cafe that offers a free second cup of coffee, will hardly notice the impact on their bottom-line and yet that 2nd cup has a large, perceived value to the customer in comparison to the cost to you and on top of that it has generated goodwill towards your business ... 
... and that is priceless! 

Imagine this customer tweeting and posting their friends about this on their social networks?!

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