Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Internet - Get some fresh content on your website

Internet - Get some fresh content on your website

Today I am sitting down to write a new blog post for the Taskmaster Enterprises website.

It’s something I do every week to ensure that there is a reason for our customers to keep visiting the site (we tweet my latest post out, of course) and that there is fresh content for users who might visit the site for the first time.

There’s nothing worse than going to a store and seeing posters for last year’s products on the wall. In the same way, nothing says you are behind the times more than a website with no fresh content.

When was the last time your website had some new content added? If you’re not really sure, get onto it. Some ideas include:
  • A blog post.
  • Information about a new product or service.
  • A widget with Twitter posts from you and your team.
  • Customer testimonials.
  • Updated price lists.
When you post fresh content, make sure it’s got a date. The shows to users that it is new and it also puts the pressure on you to keep your updates regular.

Get it done – today!

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