Saturday, 28 April 2012

Videos Made With iPhones

Music Video Made Entirely On iPhone 4: David Choi - That Girl


*Home-made Music Videos especially if the video is good quality and the singer has some talent tend to be well received by the public and often can go quite viral very quickly.


*You can make very good quality videos with your iPhone and when the content is unique as well they receive high traffic. Should you choose you could monetise your videos by joining an onsite partnership programme such as offered by where you will receive the lion's share of the ad revenue. Rinse and repeat and upload consistently - and there you have the framework of a self-paying hobby which you can grow into a home-business. Find out how to make awesome videos with your iPhone faster.

Why would one wish to to create and or post videos with the iPhone? Trends reveal that Mobiles and Tablets as well as Videos are on a rapid rise.  And with the advent of fusion technologies your phone-tablet will in the near future be your primary means of access to the Internet.  Taking, making and posting videos with these gadgets will become the norm and convenient when research has shown how much use and attachment there is to these gadgets especially by the Y-generation.

How to use video clips to add value to your personal or business entity?

*You can use little informal clips to create brand awareness for your business, gain 'likes' and win fans. Often this works a treat because it is not too polished or commercialised and therefore more trusted than say an obvious, commercial, brand or sales pitch. This is ideal for the kind of sharing that occurs on social media platforms (which are community-based).

*Non-salesy, entertaining videos that catch the attention and engage the viewer is more readily shared among friends. This will go a long way to spread your brand - both personal and business. You can tap the power of video to make friends, gain trust and establish relationships within the social media communities (experts believe that what you should do is try to desist the urge to sell directly on sm sites). Later down the track, this effort will translate into a higher ROI of the time and effort you invested into networking, when you will notice your sales climbing ... more rapidly than before you started using video as part of your marketing strategy.

*To find out more about the CORRECT WAY to use video for your business see what the experts have to say here. You will also discover interesting and vital facts about Youtube and more!  When you use videos correctly your traffic, sales and ROI can explode beyond your wildest imagination!

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