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Update on Using Blogger - Delete Blog, Add Analytics, etc.

Further to my post on "Review: Blogger's New Templates & Streamlined Functions"
here are some more features that will help you refine your blog. If you have made some major mistakes with your blog (eg. importing your previous blog into another blog, you will find that your old blog will not update, that all the updates will show on the newly imported (via your xml file) blog. so you may wish to delete your new blog and start again. The good news is that you can still retain your new domain/ user name after deletion.


It is easy to delete a blog: 
  • Log into your blog, 
  • go to 'SETTINGS' via dropdown menu
  • then 'OTHER' - see small red arrow
  • click on 'DELETE BLOG' - see large arrow on my screenshot. Your deleted blog will still show in your account for a further 90 days after deletion. You may also retrieve it after deletion!
  • you can also export or import your blog (see links next to 'delete').
    This is superfast and straightforward - just hassle-free! You can import a brand new template, other blogs or just export out for backing-up purposes.

Your old blog is still available for 90 days after deletion.

You can retrieve the domain name immediately afterwards. Eg. if you deleted a blog named "organicpoultry.blogspot.com" immediately afterwards this domain is available so you can save that if it is valuable to you. On some sites deleting a user account means that that domain or user name will be permanently unavailable to anyone eg. Youtube.com. This forgiving feature of Blogger is very useful especially for 'fat' or trigger-happy fingers!

On this page you can also enable 'ENCLOSURE LINKS': select YES from the dropdown menu:

You can also adjust your site if you have adult content (just a simple 'yes' or 'no' - select one).


Although there are ample statistics (log in and select 'STATS') you can include Google Analytics per blog for more vital statistics regarding traffic. Simply paste your ID into the box provided - you don't have to paste on individual pages like you normally would on a website. (Go to Settings/ Other)

Why bother with Analytics? You can derive alot of information from these - find out where your traffic is coming from, which are your most popular posts, what is your most engaging pages and further refine your content to suit or attract more traffic. (Google analytics is used on 57% of the top 10,0000 websites - SEO .com).

Why bother with Blogger? 

  • It is one of the easiest blogging platforms to use and is more versatile than many.
  • While other blogging platforms may be said to give you an advantage regarding SEO the consensus of opinion is not to get too hung up on any one discipline/ aspect/ 'new shiny theory' of online marketing. Content is still king and always will be. 
  • Regard your blog as HQ-Central. Content on SM platforms are notoriously fleeting and instantly swamped by newer tweets and posts so you need your own HQ base where visitors have time to browse at their own pace. (Obviously you need high quality content on your blog if you are to succeed in keeping visitors engaged and returning).
  • It allows you to monetise your blog easily with several streams of income. The most common of these is Adsense. You will notice how extremely effective this is as it serves ads that are so relevant and targeted to the user, all this without you having to do a thing except insert the code! Drive massive traffic to your blog, rinse and repeat and your passive Adsense income can add up to be a life-saver!
  • System has never been known to have any downtime! 
  • Automatically creates a mobile-optimised version of your blog so you receive all traffic
  • It's completely FREE; your blog stands a good chance to rank high (with good content):
    • no domain name needed but you can point your domain name to your blog,
    • no hosting fees; tons of free tutorials and training vidoes, flash hints
  • Easy to add videos, banners, forms, affiliate links, etc. 
  • You can remove all traces of 'Blogger' by removing the top admin-bar for a unique look. 



Lastly but not least, check to see how your blog looks like in mobile view - go to 'TEMPLATE':

This is so handy! Now you can see how mobile-users are viewing your blog. This will guide you to optimise your blog better so that you attract, engage and retain your current and future visitors more. Use 'TEMPLATE' to adjust your blog until you are satisfied with its appearance in both views (live blog and mobile). Note that many websites do not own a mobile site yet so you are ahead in the race - for now!!

Little Devices With a Big Future!But why bother with a mobile site? Check your stats and you will see a significant percentage of your traffic is coming via mobile devices. This segment (including tablet pcs) is not going to abate anytime soon. On the contrary the trend is for the rise and rise and eventual eclipse of the PC marketshare in the not-so-distant future. Just take a look at the cost of tablet-pcs today compared to a year ago and how much more affordable it is going to be in a year or two.

When the last (price) barrier is removed and clones are springing up faster than mushrooms on a wet paddock in Spring, the Battle-cry of the Orcs - 'Take no Prisoners' - will ring throughout the Land and seal the final Fate of the PC's last survivors!

When it comes to PC's there will be "No Return of the King" unless Dumbledore's Fawkes sheds some tears over PC's gaping wounds ... or resurrect them in another form from their ashes!

Q: Does your business have a mobile-optimised site yet?

Q: Is your business ready to embrace this shift?

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Image: courtesy of deviantart.com

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