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Deja vue with Irony: Olympics 2012 and Social Media

Deja Vue at Olympics 2012 (4x100 m Freestyle Relay) and Social Media Events - Surge Your

"Trailing behind by 0.55 seconds at the final exchange, Yannick Agnel blistered the field with a remarkable split of 46.74" to beat Ryan Lochte's anchor leg of of 47.74 by one full second

Yannick Agnel closed in on Ryan Lochte (USA) and passed him in the last 50m to win Gold for France stunning the crowd at the 2012 Olympics, men's 4x100 freestyle relay.

Deja Vue at Olympics 2012 (4x100 m Freestyle Relay) and Social Media Events - Surge Your

Deja vue with Irony: London Olympics 2012 and Social Media:

Now I couldn't help but see the parallel between the 4x100m freestyle swimming relay event, 29 July 2012, Sunday and Social Media events of the past year. In the 2008 Olympics at Beijing the Americans defeated the French to win Gold at this event but this year, the French have wrestled it back in a stunning defeat to the surprise of many and with a good lead. Many attribute this losing strategy to the US swimming coach. Read all about it in detail using the link below.

In 2011 StumbleUpon surpassed Facebook and Twitter with regard to traffic. This year 2012 Facebook has overtaken StumbleUpon, in a move reminiscent to the French wrestling back their Gold medal from the Americans at the 2008 Olympics.

"LONDON - France engineered an epic upset in the men's 4x100m freestyle relay Sunday, July 29, one of two French golds on a pulsating night of action in the Olympic pool where two world records fell.

Yannick Agnel powered past American star Ryan Lochte on the final 50m of the closing relay leg as France won the coveted 4x100m relay gold for the first time in 3min 09.93sec.

"I did my utmost and tried to hold on until Lochte cracked," Agnel said.

The Americans' second-placed finish gave Michael Phelps a first career silver medal to go with his 14 gold and two bronze.

He now needs just two medals to surpass the record 18 career total amassed by Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina." -  Read about the full Olympic event here.

What's the lesson we can draw here? Firstly, don't depend on any one Social Media site for traffic, even Facebook! Or assume that the Gold Medal won't go to Someone Else or some Social Site in the perpetual Race called the Internet Olympics of Survival!

Secondly, who is your coach, and what is your strategy for the race of social media traffic? Is it a winning strategy or a losing one? Having all the talent is not good enough - it was the strategy that lost the race! They put an untried, non-sprinter in the anchor leg of the relay, and not Phelps who swam the second leg. In hindsight their chance of Gold was already doomed even before the event took place. Your thoughts?

Thirdly, you cannot afford to ignore StumbleUpon in your social media strategy if you are a small business. The fact is in 2011 SU overtook and drove more traffic than Facebook (or Twitter)!

Postword - update: In the 4x200 freestyle relay, coaches changed strategy and placed Michael Phelps in the anchor leg of the race. Both Phelps and Ryan Lochte who swam lead this time gave stunning performances, leading to a comfortable Gold win for the US and Phelps' 19th medal breaking the Olympics' 48-year record of 18 medals held previously! 

What valuable lessons can be gleaned from this? Don't be afraid to admit your mistakes, learn from it, be resilient and recover quickly - don't stay down too long! - and change your business strategy, quickly and effectively to wrestle back and or secure a winning, profitable position.
Go for GOLD!

Updates 4-8-2012: Michael Phelps's 'incomparable career'' - amazing career! Read more here: 

"Phelps' butterfly leg in the 400-meter individual medley helped propel the United States to an emphatic victory and sent Phelps into retirement with his 22nd career Olympic medal –a staggering 18 of them gold. Both totals are records and it will take a long time before those totals are even challenged, much less broken." What a whopping record! And his gratitude to his coach was inspiring. What an incredible champion!

France Wins GOLD In 4x100m Freestyle Relay Final!!
London 2012 Olympics 


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