Thursday, 17 May 2012

Are Your Marketing Resources Adequate?

Do You Attract Marketers For Your Product?

Are you a vendor with a
  • good product or service in a hot niche
  • good - attractive (colours, graphics, fonts, fast loading, etc,)  - landing pages
  • good sales copy
  • good conversions (you have tested your products)
  • and you offer generous affiliate commissions 
but you are unable to attract affiliate marketers and especially superaffiliates to sell your product? The reason could be that your marketing tools or resource are not up to scratch!

In some smaller niches there are vendors offering their products to the sales force via affiliate network sites with little or no marketing tools where in fact there were tremendous opportunity to excel in the production and use of attractive images. These are the very same niches favoured by many glossy magazines!

With the increase in the number of people turning to the Internet to earn an income online due to their country's dire economic situation, there are many more newbies in affiliate marketing now than ever before. Many of them can and do end up being successful in affiliate marketing and in a relatively short period of time.

As a vendor, providing an abundance of marketing tools and resources is a great way to jump start your newbie salesforce. It's a win/win situation because the more sales they make the better your profits.  And this in turn attracts other marketers.  In your marketing campaign it would be wise to attract superaffiliates as much as possible.

When the vendor does his part, his sales force can devote themselves to the marketing process itself instead of getting bogged down by marketing resource issues. Do your bit so they can focus on what they do best!

If you research around you will find that there exists some good niches where the few vendors that look promising have absolutely no creatives provided at all for their affiliates: ie. no banners, articles, etc. ... zilch!  What's more surprising is some of these are high-ticket items, in the kind of hot niche where you would expect (the well-heeled) vendors to bend backward to provide excellent, marketing resources!  

Zero - Hero: What is your score? Which category do you belong to?
(where #1 represents NO marketing resource,  #6 represents 'fair' and #10 has the full Monty).
  1. Zero vendor!! - NO marketing resource, not even the basic link:
  2. one banner!! - one graphic! and nothing else.
  3. limited tools -  some graphics - all the same design, in different sizes!
  4. old, stale tools - one graphic for years - and truly outdated today!
  5. a few creatives - a few banners in a few sizes only
  6. more creatives - banners in most standard sizes
  7. more creatives - banners  of all sizes, 1 or 2 articles, and email swipes
  8. many creatives - #7 plus keywords lists, more articles, email swipes, review articles
  9. tons of creatives - #8 plus brandable free gifts, videos
  10. Dream vendor!!  - #9 and more - banners of many different designs, different landing pages to link to, eg. separate landing pages for men, women, different recipes, etc.
It is noticeable that those vendors (#7-10) who have many promoters including superaffiliates do have an impressive array of resources in their marketing tool-kit and a large gravity number against their CB product.  Newbie and intermediate marketers can be very successful if they do not have to grapple with banner or similar issues that a vendor can easily deal with, especially in the early days.


This is a screenshot of a pdf brander for a free eBook gift that marketers can offer on their op-tin pages - this site has a rich arsenal of advanced marketing tools.  Not only that, this tool has generated urls to your Rebranded report which will be hosted by the Vendor's server! You can send your visitors direct to this link to collect your Rebranded copy which has your IDs in all its links! (a real boon especially for newbies who are trying to find their 'tech' feet).

Note how easy it is to share that report from the 'share' buttons at the bottom of the page.

Ideal Marketing Tool Kit

In my opinion a product (that has no issues except for its creatives) can benefit from:
  • having a wide variety of banners - with different images
  • in different colours (from warm to cool tones), 
  • and includes 'text'- type banners, 
  • in different formats from leader-boards to verticals, buttons and rectangles
  • to suit a wide variety of blogs or websites
  • having many articles of say 600 words each
  • and email swipes for those marketers with lists,
  • brandable give-aways to increase opt-ins for affiliates,
  • free videos for users to watch,
  • cogent review articles
  • links to different landing pages
  • lists of keywords
  • general tips and advice about seo, promoting, article use, etc.
  • ongoing tips and advice to motivate your affiliate sales force
  • regular updating of creatives and advice to your sales team and
  • incorporating new challenges to stimulate your sales force

All the photos above were part of a great collection of marketing resources which were perfectly suited for promoting this particular niche. While it may not be suitable or necessary to produce such hi-octane images there are still many ways you can improve your banners eg. using attractive pictures of people (some vendors have only text or cartoon banners) for the 'Relationship' niche when there is an abundance of rich and evocative images for sale on the Net - have you tested your banners ... yet?? Do you know which ones attract better?? Oops, with one banner it would be hard to split-test!!

  1. Brainstorm, create and test your creatives before you release them to your affiliates.  
  2. Check out other vendors' resources to get more ideas. Many CPA products come with a fantastic array of visually-rich creatives, conveniently downloadable as a single zip file.
  3. Cull off the banners that are not productive and release the best ones with a note against each to indicate if it was high converting or not - to guide your affiliate's choice.
  4. Revamp your images - that old ebook cover that sufficed 10 years ago no longer makes the mark! There are free websites where you can recreate your ebook cover into smart, professional, modern hard or soft-covers, report stacks, guides ... in just minutes.  Same with banners. Revitalise that old, jaded look and image into something smart and modern!
  5. Provide a good variety of creatives to attract the best affiliates and to stop visual fatigue from the public at seeing the same, stale image all over the Net for years on end!
  6. Review your creatives regularly and update when necessary according to your niches (including articles, swipes, etc.) to keep up with current trends and inform your sales force, important when the Net moves so fast.  Some niches date faster than others ...
    For example, a guide on 'Seduction' that was produced 10 years ago, will require a (major!) makeover as attitudes, social behaviour, etc. have changed drastically since that time, whereas the basics of dog training have remained essentially the same over that period.

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