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8 Tips For Creating A Successful Social Video Campaign

8 Tips For Creating A Successful Social Video Campaign

8 Tips For Creating A Successful Social Video CampaignThrough the awesome power of the internet and social media, videos allow us to share ideas, spread information and promote fads and styles. Using just a camera and a computer, ordinary people can make videos that create an extraordinary amount of interest and conversation. The aim of social media videos – as with any promotional tool – is to provide your viewers something of interest that grabs their attention and keeps them coming back for more. 

Here are 8 tips to making great social media videos that work:

Publish Regularly

If you want regular viewership, you need to post content regularly. The most successful blogs, websites and social media accounts are updated frequently and contain useful information for those viewing.

Regularly publishing means your great social media videos will be taken more seriously and will be viewed more often by a relevant audience. People flock to those that produce consistently. To become one of these individuals, experiment with things such as a video series that can be followed weekly, video follow-ups that respond to previous posts, and guest videos provided by your visitors.

Bring High Energy

A lot of people watch videos from their work or school where they have been numbed from the workload. To break them from their entrancing boredom, bring high energy into your social media videos.

Powerful, explosive videos spread quickly through the internet world. Watching music videos may help perspective publishers to learn more about this method. Their use of camera angles, lights, and editing is second to none when it comes to sucking people into an experience.

Teach Creatively

Most students fail to learn because they are not being taught in a way that is fun or engaging. If you want people to watch your social media videos, you need to teach creatively. Use demonstrations and tutorials to breakdown complex issues and subjects. Think of your viewer and then find creative ways to get across what you have to say.

Top-10 lists, best of's, and how-to's are among the most watched videos on the web for a reason: they creatively teach viewers how to do things without losing their attention.

Involve Others

Think of your social media videos as parties: you want to invite as many interesting, cool, and informative people as you can. Invite experts, gurus, professionals and teachers to star in your productions and talk about what they know and do best. Give them a platform to divulge everything they've ever learned about their respective field, and they should gladly oblige the invitation.

Engage with Viewers

If a viewer feels like their presence isn't appreciated, they will take it somewhere else, which means other websites with other videos. If you want to maintain your traffic, you need to engage with viewers. You do this by letting them know you appreciate their audience. Follow up on emails, respond to comments, and answer questions. At the end of each video, ask viewers if they liked what they saw and how they think future videos can be improved.

Hint: Using suggestions and giving credit to viewers will increase your credibility and following.

Wow Viewers

Old news is not news. In order to drive fresh, interested eyeballs to your social media videos, you need to wow viewers. Stale coverage and predictable advice will quickly turn them away.
Always strive to be interesting and unpredictable. Find angles that haven't been addressed. Discover issues that nobody has been paying attention to. Blow open cases that need exposure or are about to be big. Covering something first puts you in a great position to captivate an audience.
If you wow your viewers, they will wow you by returning again and again.

Call to Action

It's not enough to get people to watch your social media videos. You need to get them to follow, track, and monitor your every move. Giving them a call-to-action makes this possible. When you have a following you create a platform for releasing products and information pertinent to your organization.

Just when your viewers think the video is over and it's time to check-out another website, give them a reason to pursue you. Subscriptions, products, giveaways, and contests will help you maintain a strong presence, which is what ultimately sustains a video series.

Make Content Sharable

Great social media videos are like bouncing balls. They pass from one person to another, across playgrounds and through neighborhoods. Catchy titles, readable text, simple addresses and plenty of links make content sharable… not to mention the vast amount of social media venues. Allow your viewers to share videos easily through major social media networks by attaching links, likes, pluses, diggs, and every other outlet to each and every video you publish.

If you make your social media videos sharable, they will be passed around a relevant audience for years to come.

Everyone, no matter their level of skill, amount of experience or type of internet service provider, can create great social media videos. Just follow these 8 tips above and you will begin creating videos that the world cannot ignore.

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