Thursday, 31 May 2012

How to use Facebook Page Messaging to effectively network your business | Support A WAHP

How to use Facebook Page Messaging to effectively network your business | Support A WAHP

By Cas McCullough

Has your Facebook page inbox been spammed since the new timeline came into being?  My guess is “yes.”
Or maybe you’ve sent someone a message and are unsure if it was appropriate or not.'

Here’s a key pointer to help you figure out how to use Facebook Page messaging to network your business.

Use messaging to make connections and share information that is valuable to the other business (and their audience).

If you particularly like a page and want to introduce yourself with an offer to connect, there is nothing wrong with that. What isn’t okay is to demand, guilt or oblige the other person to “like” you back, promote your business or even to visit your page.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Are Your Marketing Resources Adequate?

Do You Attract Marketers For Your Product?

Are you a vendor with a
  • good product or service in a hot niche
  • good - attractive (colours, graphics, fonts, fast loading, etc,)  - landing pages
  • good sales copy
  • good conversions (you have tested your products)
  • and you offer generous affiliate commissions 
but you are unable to attract affiliate marketers and especially superaffiliates to sell your product? The reason could be that your marketing tools or resource are not up to scratch!

In some smaller niches there are vendors offering their products to the sales force via affiliate network sites with little or no marketing tools where in fact there were tremendous opportunity to excel in the production and use of attractive images. These are the very same niches favoured by many glossy magazines!

With the increase in the number of people turning to the Internet to earn an income online due to their country's dire economic situation, there are many more newbies in affiliate marketing now than ever before. Many of them can and do end up being successful in affiliate marketing and in a relatively short period of time.

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