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Webinars - The Gold is in the Follow-Through

WEBINARS:  Are You Leaving Too Much On The Table?

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Most poeple have missed attending a webinar or more due to forgetting or just being occupied elsewhere at the time it was conducted. Sending your 'missed' list the recorded webinar as soon as it has ended and you have processed your webinar recording is a good habit to forge.

It means you have a second chance to catch up with your 'missed list'. ( Go Autopilot )

Also some of your attendees like a repeat session as they might have missed or forgotten important points mentioned in your webinar. Again you have that second chance to engage with them.

The common frustrations of those wanting to access the missed webinar or a replay are:
  1. some replays require them to sign up or book again for a repeat webinar which means
  2. a time-delay ranging up to a week - instead of promptly receiving a link to the recorded webinar
  3. some Marketers don't even contact those who missed let alone send them links. 
  4. No audio version, no transcripts for downloading. ( Go Autopilot )
Re 1 : Don't be misled into thinking that it's fine to mess your list around with these delays because often the desire to buy via your webinar is still strong immediately afterwards and they could just be needing a little more time to absorb all the information or to consult their 'better half' before they click 'Buy'.

Re 2 : After even a couple of days (if that is how long you delay before you send them your 'replay' link) their desire may have cooled to the point where they may no longer have the urgency/ desire to view your recording!

And it leaves them disappointed if in the past you were speedy with sending out those links
(some Veteran Marketers are very good, and usually send their links within 24 hours).

Re 3 : This is so different a behaviour from the majority of webinar-gurus that you may lose some shine in their eyes - you emailed your list to invite them to attend your webinar then make no contact when they missed attending whereas other Webinators religiously and perseveringly make immediate contact to their 'missed list'.  You will be surprised at just how tenacious some of these Webinators are, who make personal contact week after week after week.

Just for perseverance alone they deserve 5 stars! And your subscribers might surmise (correctly) that if that is a sample of their work-ethics then being trained by them is going to pay off as they obviously have staying power and patience ... to succeed with clients as they do with their own business.

There is an old adage that states: Too often those who give up (on their subscribers) do not realise that they were so close to the Summit of their Everest ... and that is so true!

You definitely do NOT delete anyone from your list (just because they have not bought from you recently) unless they unsubscribe from you! Once you delete them you may not get them back, ever.

The points that are notable therefore are:
  1. Contact your 'missed list' and send a link to your RECORDED webinar asap
  2. Same with those who want to listen to a REPLAY ( or go Autopilot )
  3. Offer options - AUDIO or TRANSCRIPTS - for those who do not have fast connections
  4. and allow DOWNLOADS if possible
  5. it's well known that when free downloads are offered sales go VIRAL!
  6. afterall your LINKS are in the downloadable files and these are easy to disseminate to others.
  7. or give them a cut-down, downloadable version, with an invite to listen to the FULL version at the next webinar event, so you can engage with them ... AGAIN!
  8. Just remember to deliver, in fact OVER DELIVER - if you won't your (many) competitors will!

To conclude:

Most Sales Professionals, irrespective of whether the business is online or offline, know that the Gold is in the FOLLOW-THROUGH - Webinars are NO exception!  Why bother with webinars in the first place?  It's common knowledge these days that webinars produce the highest sales conversions, higher than other traditional, online, marketing methods. While you will get good sales conversions selling your own or other people's products via webinars you can do even better and earn a higher ROI by observing a few simple tips.

(You can earn even more if you automate your webinars so they appear LIVE ... Find out how...)

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