Sunday, 30 December 2012

How to Use Youtube to Build a Successful Business

How to Use Youtube to Build a Successful Business

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Hootsuite Santa's Message - Ho! Ho! Ho!

How Social Media Saved Santa's Bacon!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Great Video Marketing SPCA, NZ on Porter, First Driving Dog!

We love this Ad - see why! 
It's not just that Porter is the first Dog or that we like dogs ...

Twitter: How to Change Your Header Image (and Improve BRANDING)

Twitter Tutorial: Change Your Header Image and Promote Your Brand!

There has been more changes added by Twitter as they roll out Header Space to more account holders, for their images (similar to Facebook's Cover Page but not quite as big). So now you can use that as an 'advertising billboard' for your brand. Share this  

You don't have to fill the Twitter header-space with an image if you prefer to leave it blank - it will look black by default. However it's a good idea to use this valuable real estate especially as it's right behind your Twitter Avatar, Bio-lines and URLS and gets first view whenever someone clicks on your Profile.

For example, what kind of band are you? A country and western band? Folk band? etc. When you place an appropriate and relevant image eg. rock band in your Header Space, you immediately send out the correct impression of your band and get the kind of enquiries and leads that you are seeking that could lead to increased bookings eg. for a wedding, dance or social event, private function, etc. and increased sales.

You can make that vital first impression whenever someone lands on your account - make it impressive and congruent with your BRAND. Explicit statement?  Or implicit message?  Either or, or both! Here's your opportunity to get creative, promote your brand and get more Twitter followers with ONE (Header) space!

TIP: You can overlay text messages in your image (so you are getting more messages across), in addition to your text narrative and text links that are sitting on TOP of your header image (your Bio lines) - in effect you are graphically reinforcing your written message. If you wish to do this smarter then do it subtly because this approach often works better than a sledge-hammer approach!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Even the Pope's on TWITTER!!

Even the Pope's on Twitter!! Smart move!!

The Pope can teach us a lesson on Marketing 101!

You can follow Pope Benedict XVI @Pontifex

Monday, 10 December 2012

Instagram Introduces Crop & Scaling Tools

An improvement but images are still small ...
at least you can still crop and scale your pics for now.

Looking forward to more improvements in the near future.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Does Controversial Content Increase Sales?

Does Controversial Content / Marketing Drive Sales?

Check out this Video

Note it's the same garment (man's)!

On the Web, if it Don't Spread, it's Dead!

Exercising Care & Caution, Sense & Sensitivity

For some organisations, one way to increase traffic and / or sales is to run an Ad Campaign that's based on controversial content. There are some pros and cons to consider before this is launched.

If you do this right you will be amply rewarded, if you get this wrong it could backfire and compromise your reputation. For some any publicity, even bad, is good for business so it will depend on the objectives of your current campaign and long term goals of your organisation.

For the best outcome we feel that such ad campaigns while they usually push the edge should ENSURE that these do not offend, exploit or trample on the rights of the vulnerable groups of society viz. children, women, elderly, disabled, minority groups, nursing mothers, orphans, illiterate, etc. that is, the ones who are least able to defend themselves properly if at all and often the targeted subject because they are perceived to be easier prey.

Just because some big brand does it does not mean that one has to condone it, especially if there are graphic images or videos that suggest really dark ideas - even if the actual Ad does not explicitly and / or graphically portray the end-result but implies it instead. The power of suggestion cannot be understated  - many a crime or great acts are all preceded by thought - from seeds planted in the imagination. You just never know who your audience are. While most people are psychologically balanced your ad may strike a chord with someone who has latent, psychopathic tendencies or who can't distinguish fantasy from reality.

Hornets Sting when your ad campaign SUCKS!
We Sting when U Suck!
If you get your Ad Campaign wrong you could potentially unleash the fury of a trillion hornets that would sting you where you hurt most ... your WALLET. This is a highly possible scenario. Why?

GURRRL PPPower ~ Something Guys Don't Have!

Think about it, social media is on the rise and rise. The most prolific and savvy users of social media are women (and Y generation). Women make more purchasing decisions than men. Ask the big brands who their target markets are?

Take my Grandma for example, my Grandad hands over his wallet to her on payday (intact) and she organises the running of the household. She pays the bills and does ALL the purchasing including his underwear (Grandad hates shopping and prefers to go fishing instead), and it's not just for her immediate household. Everyone in her clan is a beneficiary of her generosity, bless her heart.

Seriously, she remembers everyone's milestones - birthdays, anniversaries, graduation days, etc. and she shops for them. Take Bessie - Grandma's bought her her birthday present already (yup! she follows the coupon trail and Discount Days). Bessie is only 7 weeks old. And NO, Grandma was having none of that "Hashtags" stuff for a name for her granddaughter!  She's not the only one as her Supergrans club is full of women like her and their daughters.

On social media you will find them sharing tips and tricks of where to get this or do that ... offline or online they are engaging in what they do best ie. 'communicate'. That's the way they are wired ok? so accept that the 'weaker' gender is actually gifted in the gab and their favourite past-time is 'sharing'. Don't believe me? Just eavesdrop on their morning tea-break and hear how she rated you last night!! No joke, you get more news via the office's skirt-feed in 10 minutes than you can glean from the company's entire timeline!

And when you offend these sisters with a bad-taste Ad Campaign, then shut down your mobile devices, and head for the hills because your server is going to melt-down! That's the sisterhood for you. Yep, women are more consultative and collaborative (and less competitive) than men and many firms are now moving away from an all-male-executive, business-model for the reason that corporations based on a healthy ratio of men and women executives perform better than those whose boardrooms are monopolised by only one gender.  (Note: it's all about the MIX, rather than an all-female board either.)


We therefore feel that the best policy is NOT to be socially insensitive to other groups in society. We have a SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY to send out the correct messages to a society that is increasingly facing a decline in moral and social standards partly because the Internet serves so much controversial content to anyone who wants it and for FREE, and makes it seem as if all THAT is the NORM!

It is NOT a case of the means justifying the ends. Ad campaigns should be socially responsible regardless of whether it's for profit or non-profit motives.

For that reason we advocate that businesses take a firm stand and formulate a clear and sensible policy about controversial content to prevent strife with staff and followers and to ensure they do NOT compromise their reputation ~ BEFORE ~ they even plan their first Ad Campaign.

The above video is actually quite innocuous and well executed but there are others that can send out the wrong message ... if it falls into the wrong hands. Your thoughts on this?


PS: If you are going to use controversial content avoid posting nude or incongruent images just to get eyeballs - it has to be RELEVANT and not out of context.  See the bizarre stuff from Godaddy.  Nerds have enough to do without taxing their neurons trying to decrypt saucy pics ...

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors


 The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors

What's a Periodic Table?

Not sure what a periodic table is? You encounter this when you do Chemistry 101 at Uni. I hope chemistry was your favourite subject, if not here is the definition from

"Periodic Table Definition: The periodic table is a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements by increasing atomic number which displays the elements so that one may see trends in their properties. The Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev is most often credited with inventing the periodic table (1869) from which the modern table is derived. Although Mendeleev's table ordered the elements according to increasing atomic weight rather than atomic number, his table illustrated recurring trends or periodicity in the element properties.  

Also Known As: Periodic Chart, Periodic Table of the Elements, Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements"

Basically a chemistry periodic table shows recurring trends or periodicity in the PROPERTIES (eg. number of atoms) of chemical elements. The SEO "periodic table" is a clever way to use this concept that makes SEO (search engine optimisation) easier to grasp at a glance, especially visually, for those whose learning style is more visual and image-based. Don't get too bogged down in the terminology - just realise it's another way to organise information that hopefully, the reader will find easier to grasp.

How to Use the SEO Periodic Table

Basically there are 3 categories, also "colour-coded":
  1. Greeny block of factors on the LHS
  2. Greeny block on the RHS and
  3. below this the RED / YELLOW block (= dangers to heed)
Note the summary of factors on the LHS (SEO on site - on your web-pages) versus the RHS column, for factors affecting SEO offsite (off the page such as "elements affected by visitors, readers, other publishers" - comments, interaction, likes, dislikes, etc.? )  I would take these with a grain of salt as there's no way to stop anyone posting any kind of remark about your brand on social media sites whether justified or not! As for TV channels most great  videos have copped their (underserved) share of 'dislikes' and/ or negative comments - there's no accounting for taste {or the competition?} sometimes!).

Note: Don't get too intimidated by "formidable-looking" infographics or stats / metrics - just try and distil the information into short key points that your brain can handle without melt-down! For example, famous people like Rupert Murdoch (an octogenarian) running their billion-dollar empires are still able to track and assimilate huge amounts of information by having them condensed into ONE-PAGE DAILY summaries! Perhaps you have a talented PA who can present your daily info on a small platter, if not, try this:

TIP: Condense the most important info into 5 major points. If you can assimilate 5 major points a day, in one year, you would have amassed a massive of amount of key tips and tricks - to boost your business and your bottom-line. Trying to master 67 social media infographics, 2798 lessons on SEO, 59 twitter tools? ...  it's too easy to spread yourself too thin and become a Jack-of-all-trades and master of none. (Besides it's not possible nor desirable given the avalanche of infographics that's sprouted up faster than wild mushrooms on a fertile paddock, since Pinterest took off on its upward trajectory.)

We recommend allocating your best time and resources to only those tasks that will directly impact your bottom-line ... THE MOST.  Less is indeed more.

A Quick Rundown: On-the-page Factors (where kw = keywords)


5 Content Factors: consider "quality, research, words, engage, fresh"

  • q - quality - self-explanatory: is your content good quality?
  • r - research - found actual kws that people use in their search for your proposed content?
  • w - words - AND using such keywords on your site that your page will be found for?
  • e - engage - resonates with visitors or do they bounce away fast?
  • f - fresh - is it a topic that's current or 'hot' - ie. not dated or unpopular

The similarity to the Chemistry Periodic Table is the way in which the factors have been portrayed, eg. by a letter. Each factor is further broken down by sub-factors, eg. Cq, Cr, Cw, etc.  - ie. content as denoted by C, has been broken down further into the different aspects of quality, research (relevance), keywords, etc. Then each sub-factor is weighted by a number at the top, in ascending order ie. 3 is more important than 1 (subjective element in the weighting process?).

{ In a nutshell the chemistry periodic table (PT) consists of elements denoted by a symbol. These are organised into groups eg. alkali metals,  gases, etc. and in the order of their atomic weight, as denoted by a number at the top.  Eg. Sodium (Na) (#11) comes before Magnesium (Mg) (#12 ) and is grouped under alkali metal because that's what Sodium is.}

3 HTML Factors: kws in your html title tags, meta description tags, title and sub-titles?
3 Architecture Factors: crawl (self-explanatory), speed (loads fast?), URL.

And so on for the LHS. Note the RED violations - spamming, keyword stuffing, etc. - basically anything that is counter-indicative to good SEO practice. The factors on the RHS are harder to control as they are external and influenced by third parties as opposed to being under your DIRECT CONTROL (LHS).


The table is organised vertically from the most important (top) to less important factors at the base and from the LHS to the RHS. However the red factors are NOT unimportant - cf. the bottom of the table (eg. paid-links, link-spam). These are definitely NOT to be ignored, but then webmasters worth their salt, would respect search engines and rise above such practice anyway.

On the whole, the "SEO Periodic Table" is a clever concept and makes SEO information easy to assimilate quickly provided you remember that there are subjective elements in the SEO process that you do not have with Chemistry. There are no definite FORMULAE for success especially as rules and algorithms change regularly. Just guidelines.

Content is Still King

In a sea of constant change the only constant you can count on is your content. The best recipe for successful content (=success) is to focus on quality ingredients and 'cookin' style, the kind that visitors return for repeatedly as they simply can't get enough of your ... HASH (tags)! When you have droves of returning regulars you won't have to rely (so much) on leaving a trail of bread-crumbs for the search engines to follow - like a heat-seeking missile they will sniff you out and beat a path to your door!

PS: I think Grandma would like this post as it has reference to a subject dear to her heart
- and no! it's not the Periodic Tables, chemistry or otherwise.

More info

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Lifetime Access to Facebook Guru at 50% Discount

Short, LAST DAY Announcement:

Facebook's Changing FAST! Hurry! Nov 30 - LAST Day!

She made $500+K mostly from FB. Now giving Secrets Away at 50% DISCOUNT, Last Day 30 NOV, in its current format doors will be CLOSING for good! 

Come 2013 this will be in a different format where members will be charged monthly. A Lifetime membership is always better value than paying monthly subscriptions especially when it's at a 50% discount. 

Even so, such discounts are pointless unless you are getting value for your money - in short we won't be alerting you about it unless we have seen that there has been value delivered ... and we believe that this will continue to be the case going forward into 2013.

One cannot get too much guidance going forward especially when social media is fast evolving into its third phase. And many businesses even if they are already involved with Social Media just cannot keep up with the avalanche of information and the evolution of this social process let alone translate this information into actual bottom-line profits.

You simply cannot afford to ignore Facebook. Share price or no share price. By the way, since the release of private shares into the public pool recently Facebook's share price has ... INCREASED! This is bucking the usual trend. (Normally after the release of a private pool of shares the public share price of an entity usually falls). Does this look like a transient phenomenon?

Arm yourself with what you need to know for 2013 as it's a different gameplan. And what you don't know can cost you!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Hobbit's Premiere - NO Ordinary Marketing Feat!

Special Newsflash! Today is the World Premiere for Peter Jackson's 'Hobbit' in Wellington, NZ.

Here is the <Hobbit Premiere <> Broadcast

Below is the Prequel to the Premiere

 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Video #9 
(as published by Peter Jackson 23-11-2012)

Where is Wellington (Middle Earth)?

Peter Jackson's Map from

The Hobbit - Production Diaries 5

From the Air New Zealand Plane, Tolkien's great grandson, to Peter Jackson and everyone involved it's been a labour of love and technical genius on so many levels. The Air NZ promo was also a brilliant marketing strategy for both the airlines and the movie. Our congratulations to the genius crew, stars and all supporters who turned Tolkien's 'Hobbit into such an amazing, cinematic reality. NOT to be missed!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Save HEAPS With COUPONS & DEALS This Season!!


Shopping TIPS to Stretch Your Wallet:

This black model is also cool - 32 % SAVINGS! (save $73 !!)
FREE Super Shipping Saver for all models.

More Reading

I handpicked these because they were relevant to couponing
and also offered valuable tips and shopper metrics especially to small businesses:

76 % of women shoppers are bargain hungers

Extreme couponing, how to save big online

Where customers create the deals

Sometimes small businesses need to do this
"Use promotions for building relationships instead of creating one-time transactions'

Small businesses wield more power than they think 
(economic backbone of free market nations - article covers how to be heard, get YOUR share..)

Store with a difference - good points why they stand out

The Couponing Trend is likely to increase rather than decrease
because of the high level of national debt and its recessionary effects.

Tried out these coupons yet? Your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

Monday, 26 November 2012

The Ultimate Passive Income!!

Want Passive Income?? Buy a Volcano!!


White Island Volcano Aerial View - Courtesy of

Map of 'Ring of Fire' in North Island, New Zealand, linking active Ruapehu, Ngarahua and White Island volcanoes.

Check out the story from none other than T Harv Ecker (who has just finished presenting his live, wealth-creation events in Australia this month) - Live in New Zealand! As Published on Nov 26, 2012.

The volcano he is referring to is White Island Volcano (in the North Island)
but there are plenty more around.You just need to go to Wellington for the Hobbits Premiere (tomorrow, 28-11-2012) then go hiking around the active volcanoes. Currently Tongariro is active so bonus to you if you're looking for some hot action!

The Story of White Island Volcano

"Sitting 48 km offshore, White Island (Whakāri) is New Zealand’s most active cone volcano which has been built up by continuous volcanic activity over the past 150,000 years. About 70 percent of the volcano is under the sea, making this massive volcanic structure the largest in New Zealand.

A sulphur mining venture began on the island in 1885; this was stopped abruptly in 1914 when part of the crater wall collapsed and a landslide destroyed the sulphur mine and miners' village; twelve lives were lost. The remains of buildings from that era are now a tourist attraction.

Although privately owned, White Island became a private scenic reserve in 1953, and daily tours allow more than 10,000 people to visit White Island every year. GeoNet monitors volcanic activity and visits the island around 10 times a year."

Most recent eruption: The first eruption of the current episode occurred on 5 August 2012. The last eruption was almost 12 years ago in September 2000.

Courtesy of


No more SEO, Panda or Penguin or whatever other 'P' critter is gonna inherit their Legacy!
We shall look forward to seeing if there is an ebook on "How to Buy a Volcano"!
Will keep you posted when we find one!!


Opportunity is everywhere if you keep your eyes peeled!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hootsuite's Mandarin Helpers Answer & Share News

Candy and Crystal Answer and Share more Insider News

"After releasing Chinese dashboard both in Traditional and Simplified and integration of Weibo and Renren, Hootsuite received a lot of feedback and questions from their Chinese audience.
Here are their super helpers, Candy and Crystal, to answer and share more insider news.
Follow along all updates with @HootSuite_CN"

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hootsuite Invite: Hop on (Mandarin) World!

Whoa...! Hootsuite Woos Mandarin-Speakers

"The Owls at HootSuite didn't stop after localizing the dashboard to Traditional Chinese and integrating the Weibo app. In just a few days, HootSuite will be launching Simplified Chinese and one of our most requested apps, Renren. Hang tight for the announcement!"

Grandma's Thanksgiving Tips

Cooking Up a Storm - Tips From My Grandmother


Stuffing is for the Birds

Eating Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's is a treat that I look forward to each year. Take Grandma's turkey stuffing and trimmings - moist and full of heavenly flavours - they transform her roast into a sumptuous feast.

When asked what her secret was, Grandma said less was more, that over-stuffing was for the birds! "You know, like the Penguin," she added, with a disarming smile. At that point I almost fell off my chair! Whatever Grandma meant, the key words from her frank advice were not to over-stuff!  After such a profound chat she had no idea that my respect for her had shot through the stratosphere.


Her Tip: "Apply with caution, keep a balance, be sensible and do not overdo it or you'll ruin the Turkey! Above all, don't be a Goose, don't let it get to your head!"

What a wise Grandma! She knows all about birds and still makes the best turkey stuffing that I have ever enjoyed!



Gravy to Die For

Now the other thing that makes her dinner memorable is her gravy! You gotta be fast when she brings out the gravy or you'll be licking the drips from the gravy-boat. I swear to you, I don't know what she puts into it because it's never the same from year to year.  We cajoled my Grandma for her recipe and this is what she said:

"Honey, I just use whatever comes to my head and what fresh ingredients that's around that's inspired me. One thing though, I do NOT copy someone else's recipe. I prefer to use my own unique and original ideas in my cook-up!"

Note: My Grandma did not grow up with the Internet or Wikipedia for looking things up. She cooked the way her mother and grand mother did, and from the heart - a Gift from the Past that's fast disappearing from our landscape.

As usual my Grandma's right! She makes delicious gravy that's so memorable because it's something that I simply can't find anywhere else. Bless her heart.

I think even Gordon Ramsay would smile if he sat at my Grandma's table!  We rated Grandma a thumbsup, for both her cooking and her great tips. I feel humble and honoured to have a granny who can teach me two important lessons about SEO!

Have a great Thanksgiving this year, and a toast to ALL Grandmas!

Monday, 19 November 2012

How to Use Instagram for Best Results!

 Is Justin Bieber doing it Right? Find Out!

Instagram Rap

It's all over town, Justin does it ... so does rapper Rick Ross!

Grandpa's doing it, says follow him ... he's the boss!

Are you telling a 'story'?  Tilting too much? 

You gotta have a theme, else you ain't got much!

Hey! Easy with bleeding the feed, and cropping the dags!

Get your Accelerator off those silly hash tags!

Grandma knew best - see her album and follow suit! 

Serious man, she's geekier than you and she ain't no fruit!

Get some great tips, use Instagram the RIGHT way! 

For best results follow Casey and do NOT stray!

(Video by New York filmmaker Casey Neistat)

Instagram Rap - By Surgeyourprofits - 19 November 2012


Postnote: Putting on our thinking caps ...

Could Justin have a theme for Instagram?

How would he organise one (assuming he needs one)?
  • The 'challenge' is how would you use Photos of Faces to make a '"Theme"?
  • Could you link (seemingly unrelated) individual Photos into a video-theme?

How would you measure the success of  
  • using themes in general 
  • and in particular, 'face themes'.

Are you a social media manager?  
  • Do you have celebrities as your clients? 
  • What is your (successful) strategy for this group of clients?

A good article stimulates thought, discussion and maybe, even ideas / 'solutions'.

Your thoughts?

Monday, 12 November 2012

Royalty-Free Music

If you are having copyright issues with your video or audio components check out this resource for Video Backgrounds and Audio Loops.

{" Over 1,900 Video Backgrounds, 100+ Sound Loops and 2,000+ Sound Effects 600 High Definition Video Backgrounds: 1920 x 1080 resolution 1,000 Video Backgrounds for your PowerPoint, Video Project (NTSC 720 x 486 and PAL 720 x 576) 300 High Definition 3D Video Backgrounds: 1920 x 1080 resolution 100+ Sound Loops and over 2,000+ Sound Effects 33 High Quality Studio Mix Audio Tracks.

All Video, Sound and Audio Loops are Royalty-Free license (no license fee): Use the videos for your private and commercial projects without any additional costs "}

It's worth it to know where you can get audio loops that you can use and have peace of mind at the same time regarding copyright issues. For a small investment in your business, you can avoid the hassles and stress of being challenged on copyright issues.  'Free' can end up being much more costly sometimes, and there's often a catch somewhere. Don't get caught out.

You can combine these loops anyway you wish for your video productions and have peace of mind whether they are used for private or commercial videos. No fanfare, no cheap gimmick, no drama - just essential TOOLS to turbo-charge your video production and maximise views - the LEGAL and PROFESSIONAL way. Invest once, and free yourself from audio hassles for life. Play around with these loops and remember to have fun too - unleash your secret, inner DJ Rockstar! You know you want to, :).

BTW, you get to qualify for their 5 Handsome and Generous (but time-limited) Bonuses as well.


If you prefer to MAKE your OWN BEATS, then check this out and try their Free Online DEMO:


Prefer only AUDIO loops?  Suitable as intro music for your multimedia projects
or use the longer loops for the WHOLE project (less than 5 minutes).
Huge choice - we've only used a fraction of the clips so far. Go Here.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Dubturbo Beat-Maker Review

Looking to Make Your Own Beats, Loops, Dubs, CDs, Ringtones and More? - Have Fun as a DJ Rockstar!
Last night while browsing we found this cool beat-maker. When you're creating videos, there comes a time when you just have to have the right audio accompaniment, to set the mood or tone for your message. This is really important because an unsuitable audio will destroy the rest of your work.

Then there are other issues to consider such as copyright laws. With so much publicity about recent cases and ongoing tightening of such laws it pays to ensure you are not infringing such laws especially if you wish to continue publishing and receiving views for your videos and audios.

While you can buy ready-made audio clips often you have to trawl through a huge list and still not find what you are after - either in the quality, timbre, length, genre, etc. And in the past software for this purpose was just too complex, expensive and had a steep, learning curve, which was daunting for most people.

This beat-maker however appears to be easy to use and versatile - all you need is the software and your keyboard, and you're ready to churn out a large variety of cool, audio creatives such as:
  • rap or song accompaniments
  • video scores
  • game themes
  • custom dubs
  • cool loops
  • ringtones
  • promo music
  • website audios
  • compact discs
  • beats and more ...

The license allows you to sell or give away your beats with no encumbrances. Best of all, you do not need to be a techie, or be music-literate or have loads of free time to use this to create beats that work. And with a 60-day, iron-clad, refund guarantee you get a generous time to test-drive this.

However the real test is in the 'pudding' so stay-tuned while we check it out further. In the meantime have a play with this digital gizmo, as there is a Free DEMO Version Here! Your chance to get creative!

Make beats in a heart-beat - NO skills or studio required.

Also check out:
Over 600 High Quality, Royalty Free Video Backgrounds And Audio Loops, Sound Effects. An impressive resource-kit to take your videos to a higher, professional level. Videos tend to have a long shelf-life so it's important to get it right, the first time round ... check it out here.

Royalty Free Audio Intros And Exits For Sales Pages, Websites, Camtasia Videos, You Tube Videos, Corporate Videos, Elearning Course Development And Flash Projects. You get tons of clips of varying lengths to suit your productions. This resource represents good value and is popular with users. Don't get your videos banned for copyright issues when there are good, affordable resources available to you.

Note: Those savvy businesses who take their Video Marketing seriously will have the upper hand in time to come, over those who don't. Once your competition dominates a market and important promotion channels it is more difficult, and sometimes just plain impossible, to penetrate that segment later on.

From around the web:

Freebies: 20 sites with creative commons music, free to download

Saturday, 10 November 2012

PINterest: Creating Secret Boards

10 November 2012

 Secret Boards (SB) - This is a Brand New Feature Announced Today!

Now you can create SECRET BOARDS (see the blue dotted line in the image below) and invite only pinners you wish to share that board with. See the secret boards on offer (the middle one has been ringed by a red dotted line) and the one that's already been created (follow the red arrow to TBA1 on the lower LHS of the image below). Secret boards can be found below your profile.

To create one, click on "CREATE A SECRET BOARD", edit your CATEGORY for that board, then SAVE SETTINGS. This group board is only accessible and visible to pinners that you have invited to share.

No one else can see your boards and it won't show up on pinterest searches, etc. Toggle your settings to turn the secrecy status off.  Warning: once you turn off your secret status it will be PERMANENTLY VISIBLE to everyone, just like your other non-secret boards. You cannot undo this change!

Or go to 'ADD' at the top RHS, from the 3 options select 'CREATE BOARD',  then turn the Secret Button ON (it's off by default).  Watch the above video for the rest of the process. The maximum number you can have is 3 secret boards.

This feature is reminiscent of private or unlisted videos on Youtube, private Twitter accounts or private groups on Facebook. A community platform where privacy levels can be adjusted so that you can post exclusively to your relevant audiences, is going to be popular because it would be more versatile and useful to users.

Secret Boards will be very handy for the private viewing of personal or business portfolios eg. in the art, design (- all kinds from interior, furniture, jewellery, etc.- ), fashion, wedding, architecture, hair-styling and other creative industry niches.  You could use this feature effectively for a private client, if your design is commercially-sensitive and not meant for public viewing, or for planning for competitive events, etc.

What are your thoughts? How would you use Group Boards and in particular Secret Boards to benefit your clients and your business?  For more information on SB go here.

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Making $ense of Your Adsense Earnings & Reports

How to Boost Your Adsense Income

If you are earning Adsense income from your blogs and videos then check out this video recording: how to maximise your adsense revenue by tweaking your settings. It's worth taking some time to get to grips with managing your account/s properly because it impacts on your Adsense earnings.

In addition, do remember that it's the quality of your blog or website that will drive traffic to your content, and that will attract the best or higher-paying advertisers. Despite the rise and rise of social media, content is still king.

TIP: Try and write original and interesting articles or source similar. Getting it written for you is not quite the same as doing it yourself which is the preferred option because apart from establishing your authority,  you are also establishing your (unique) voice which is harder for others to copy. The more you write, the more you will develop your own, unique writing style. When that happens you will own a piece of the Internet, your very own piece of virtual real estate even if it's just a tiny studio-apartment right now and not quite a virtual mansion ... yet. (But you need to start blogging, if you haven't already. Your blog, rather than your social media accounts, will be the major avenue for your Adsense promotions. When you do it often enough, you will get into a roll, then your thoughts and writing will flow freely.)

If you use non-original information at least add your own spin on it and / or test, record your observations and publish your conclusions - your (additional) insights may yield interesting viewpoints that might not have been discussed or thought of in the original article and may be just what readers are looking for!

TIP: Skim or read fast and widely to get ideas and to stay current. Don't get too bogged down in detail especially if the metrics look complicated - get the gist ... first. Revisit later on if it's a really important piece of news or information.

While Adsense earnings may be a trickle for some right now it is not to be scoffed at as it has the potential to be much more. In the meantime if it's paying bills and putting food on the table, you're doing well. Just note that there are simple tweaks that can optimise your current income stream (cf. Placement ads, CPM) even before you drill more Adsense Wells in your quest for more Adsense Gold!

Recommended: (newsletter subscription is $5.95 per month) (for social media) (free blog, has mobile-preview feature - you can select a different template for mobiles than for your website-blog and it is very straightforward to add Adsense units.).

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Pinterest: How to Leave Group Board & Get More Followers 

Get More PINS or Get More FOLLOWERS

Video - How To Remove Yourself From a Group Board

PINterest Tutorial and Discussion

How To Leave GROUP BOARD or How to Remove Yourself from a GROUP BOARD (that you were invited to or added to by someone else) and get MORE FOLLOWERS. Please watch the video for the actual process while below we discuss our observations, and the pros and cons of GBs.

About Group Boards (GB): Group Boards are Pinterest Boards where other pinners other than yourself can attach their pins. You can create your own or host other people's group boards. Unlike the GB that you create yourself, when you host an EXTERNAL GB this shows up in your account but you will NOT be able to EDIT this board apart from removing yourself from the board. There are Pros and Cons About Group Boards (GB). 

Guest-Host of Group Board

Sometimes when you get invited and you join GROUPS there comes a time when you wish to leave. This process is not obvious so I have documented the steps to share with you. We found that sometimes you gain many board pinners but at the expense of your follower numbers. On the other hand, 'hosting' someone else's group board on your site allows you to add your pins to that board (subject to the rules governing that board). So it will  depend on what you wish to achieve with your Group Board (your Pinterest goal if you have one).

Note: The larger the group-board (pinners) the more you will have to scroll to find your handle / ID, so be patient when it's a large group board! (since this article was published, the changes on Pinterest include having your ID close to the top so now you can find it easily if you wish to leave).

Observation: Paradoxically you get MORE FOLLOWERS when you remove GROUP Boards from your account (perhaps pinners are so busy pinning their stuff onto Group Boards on your account that they forget to follow YOU). Try it out for yourself then let me know what you observed.

However one can have one's cake and eat it too, in other words you can still host group boards on your account so that you can add your OWN pins to these without getting flooded with spammy notices in your email inbox or steeply falling, follower-numbers by compromising eg.:

  1. Select only those group boards relevant to your niche.
  2. Host only a few - those with a similar or related, target market as you, so that when you add your own pins you are promoting brand awareness to YOUR target market. For example, if you are in the wholesale coffee industry hosting a Restaurant Group Board and pinning there would be more productive in getting leads than say, a Handbag Group.
  3. The more specific the Group Board the better for you. When a board is too generic you will find diverse pinners pinning very diverse pins and this will result in a flood of almost spammy, email notices. You can turn off notification (- go EDIT board/ Tick OFF/ SAVE Settings -) but then you will not be able to monitor the new pins or pinners. Pinning your own pins on a generic group board will not produce a good ROI of your time and effort because of the shotgun approach (aiming at everyone instead of your target market).
  4. Nb: A trickle of qualified traffic is better than a torrent of non-targeted viewers.

Creator-Owner of Group Board

If you own the GROUP BOARD/S ie. you are the creator, then you benefit from getting more pins without having to do the work yourself (ie. you receive content passively). You can attract pinners to pin to your GB depending on what your GB is about - it can be specific eg. shoes, handbags, clothes, art, content marketing, or a board that is more generic (needs to be suitably titled, eg. 'Odds & Ends').

You can state your terms of pinning under the Board's Information Section (access this via the EDIT button of the board) so pinners can observe your rules (or have their pins removed). For example you could state clearly that there is to be no porn, or extreme stuff, etc. and that pinners could only attach one pin per day, and that they would lose their privileges if they did not observe your rules, etc. - and then do make sure you enforce your rules for that community, to ensure these are respected by all and sundry.

And as a creator you can multiply or leverage this effect when you get other pinners to 'HOST' your GROUP BOARD/S on THEIR ACCOUNTS. These days you need them to accept your invitation before your GB will appear on their accounts. You used to be able to add these 'volunteers' even without their knowledge but I would not recommend that if you intend to pin and network effectively and happily!

If you wish to find out how to START a GB or invite other members to HOST your GB, stay tuned for my next blog posts.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How to Customise Video Thumbnails on Youtube

How to Use and the Case for Using Customised Thumbnails for Your Videos on Youtube

The ability to customise a thumbnail for your video is a relatively new feature on Youtube. Previously you had 3 choices (the image at the beginning, middle or end of your video - these were already selected for you and were not necessarily ideal choices but you could not change or deviate from what was offered ... until now).

The above video tutorial shows you how to customise video thumbnails so I will not retrace the steps here but will discuss other aspects not dealt with in the above tutorial.

The difference between those videos with and those without customised thumbnails is more prominent when you see them together, side-by-side as on your 'BROWSE VIDEO' screen.

In my screenshot below notice the distinct difference between those videos without customised thumbnails and those that have them (the ones ringed by the red, dotted line - follow the RED ARROW in the diagram below).

The latter thumbnails look more professional and more attractive plus you have that added BONUS where you can use that thumbnail to INITIALLY CAPTURE the interest of your potential audience by having an eye-catching IMAGE and a gripping TITLE (you only have a mere 5 seconds to do so) before most people click away and browse elsewhere! Audience attention is, unfortunately, notoriously short online and increasingly getting shorter (too much choice, distractions - social media, games, etc.) unless your content is outstanding. - Videos with CUSTOMISED THUMBNAILS - example 1


Example 2 - Customised Thumbnail -

Notice how that 'thumbnail' looks really good FULL-SIZE (see above video) and how much better compared to the original one (see PIC 2, Top LHS) before we created our own thumbnail (black, red & white theme)?

TIP: Take some effort with your thumbnail especially if you are showcasing a high quality video or if TRAFFIC is important to you. You can also change the thumbnail later to suit your circumstances so using customised thumbnails allow for flexibility and better promotional benefits and opportunities that will pay DIVIDENDS later on down the track, and for an indefinite period as videos tend to have a longer shelf life ... often much longer than most blog posts!

TIP: Place your videos into a PLAYLIST (choose a magnetic title) then embed the URL to that playlist in your blog as well - that way you get to promote the ENTIRE playlist, with the result end up getting more BANG (views) for your video-bucks!  And it's also great for SEO.

TIP: Allow embedding of your videos - everytime someone embeds your video, it gets a free backlink and more traffic (more views).

What about you? Have you started customising your thumbnails yet? 
Observed any changes to your traffic / engagement yet?

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